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Weigh In #30 & OMFG!

Posted Jul 12 2010 9:17am
I can't hold it in, I am so excited/scared/happy/nervous/proud/insane. . .

10.9 lost for the week

100.1 lbs. lost
since 12/14/2009 (just under 7 months)

I've achieved my goal of being at 100 lbs. lost for my birthday (next Wednesday) and now I have 10 more days to be even lighter for the occasion.

Next mini-goal is 230.0 lbs. (since I am celebrating every 10 lbs. lost now) and a simultaneous mini-goal is 225.0 lbs. - which is my lowest weight as an adult AND the weight at which I started dating Tim. I am hoping 225 lbs. will put me at a size 16 jeans. We'll see!

Other news. . .

Tim and I have been working tirelessly on our new (read: used) car. I'll be posting about it soon. Anyways, working on the car has left us working in the hot and humid weather. To be honest, I LOVE it but we have been showering a lot (read: at the end of the day, we are sweaty pigs.) NOT looking forward to getting the water bill.

I attempted to go to the farmers market Saturday morning BUT I guess they didn't have one. There was a parade and, later in the day, a huge fireworks show in the park where the farmers market would normally be held. I am planning on going next Saturday. Can you believe I have NEVER been to a farmers market?

I rode my bike Saturday, almost 10 miles. It was AWESOME.

Last Friday I went shopping (read: try everything on but never buy a thing.) I found this dress and liked it BUT didn't buy it. I've wanted a sundress-like, casual dress but I have clothing commitment issues.

Well, I'm off for the day. Going to walk the dog, make a fruit smoothie, and then take a drive down to Schamburg, IL with ExHotGirl and go shopping at Ikea!

100 lbs. lost. . . OMFG!
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