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Weigh-in #12

Posted Mar 01 2010 2:06pm

Last week was bad. I did say I wanted to get back on track, and I did. And when I ate at home, I was (except for too much chocolate on Friday and Saturday). But what with my best friend’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, I ate out three times, and had pie one day and two danishes when I visited my sister. At the restaurants, instead of ordering a small portion of something healthy, I decided I’d enjoy the meal and eat what I would like best (this is something I have to work on, being able to order the healthy alternative without feeling like I am missing out on something better). Now it isn’t like I went completely overboard, don’t get me wrong, and I was surprised at how much I gained, but the gain per se wasn’t all that much of a surprise. I tracked points for the first three days of the week, and not for the last four (which is when all the eating out occurred). I ended up with the biggest gain yet of the past three months …

I gained 1.4kg (3.1lbs)!

I was shocked, guys. Really shocked. Not all is lost, though. Now that I am back in Heidelberg (at my own apartment) the ridiculous amount of eating out has stopped (it’s what happens when you cram several months of socializing into two weeks), and I am back on track. Mostly. I do very much need to go to the gym tomorrow though, because I did go over points already. With the help of chocolate yesterday. And cake on Friday. I will not be able to finish this week on points (unless I do three hours of Tae Bo or something crazy like that tomorrow), but it’s an improvement. And I know now that I need to watch to evenly spread my extra budget between days because I have a very hard time going without some extra points every day. I also weighed myself yesterday, and I was actually down to 84.1kg (but back up 1kg today, so I don’t know if it’s the scale or the moon or what, but I’ll just have to wait for the weigh-in on Wednesday.

My three months Weight Watchers subscription expired today but I have decided not to cancel it because despite the pathetic effort I have shown over the past month, I am still determined to lose the weight. And I still believe that WW can work for me. If I let it.

You know, after weighing in at 84.1kg yesterday, I ate a whopping 100g of chocolate (not at once but throughout the day) and 250g of pasta for dinner (in two servings, which is way way way too much for one meal). Which made me think … am I sabotaging myself? I don’t know if I am. I guess that’s something to ponder over and to observe myself.

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