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Weigh-Day Wednesday

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:04pm

It has been some time since my last Weigh-Day Wednesday post. Last week was an informal post with my update, but I am back today to inform you of my latest progress in my journey. As usual, I would love to draw this out with witty comments and hilarious banter, but I am tired and don’t have any humor left in me (You can thank my 2.5 year old screaming, lovely, son who by the way climbed out of his crib for the first time last night). Wow, that was a lot to put inside a parentheses (wow, did I spell that word right)?

So anyway, without any fancy graphics utilizing bevels and shadows and fun green lettering, I am here to announce I have lost 1 more pound.  While that is a loss and I should be happy with it, I have slowed down to half the pace I have been.  Much of that can be attributed to the fact I haven’t been working out like I should.  Some of that has to do with aforementioned offspring related issues, but a lot of it is my own motivation.  I get too scared to workout because I know I am working toward the 5K and I am using that as an excuse to be scared.

I need to grow up and get over myself because I am not that important that I have to find an excuse for not working out.  I know that not working out is hindering me from my success.  This will change as I can get my inspiration level back up and hopefully sleep more than three hours a night.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE my son.  There are days I cry because of how amazing he is. And yes, I am a man and I cry… if you have a problem with it, deal.  Lucas is amazing and the fact I can do things alongside of him is an amazing thing.  I just wish he would put the *#%^ blanket back on himself when he wakes up the 14th time at 3:14 AM.  Ok, there it is and I feel better.

I put another counter that will keep track of my 5K, 100lb loss goal, 200’s goal, etc.  I am trying not to make my page look busy, but I want to tell you too much.  Again, I am not that important :)   I need to learn.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  I love you all!!!  Well, not you over there, but everyone else.

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