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Weigh-Day Wednesday – 4/28/10

Posted Apr 28 2010 8:03am

Well, after prompting from my best friend Andrew, I have decided to bring back Weigh-Day Wednesday!  I needed to do this not only because he asked me to, but I know if I don’t keep myself accountable, I will just let it slide little by little.  I know this, because it has happened to me again.  I was down to 330 at the end of the No More Bacon Biggest Loser Competition.  In the weeks since that has finished, I find myself back up almost all the weight I lost during that time.

Argg, it is frustrating, but just another reason why I need to push this time. I have the support of my family and the support of a knowledgeable trainer.  I have three months to get down some weight before the baby is born.

I know a lot of the gain was stress due to the BL audition.  I was coping with stress by eating and I kept telling myself once I heard, then I will knock it off.  Well that waiting took a few weeks and before I knew it… WHAMMMM.  And even though it shames me to admit it, I have gained over 20 pounds in less than a month.  YIKES!

So, here is to admitting failures, but understanding that all failures become opportunities to succeed.  I will not be ruled by the scale like I have been, but I do want to make sure I am cognizant of where I am.  So today… I am 353.8 lbs.  And even though it was a gain from where I was a month ago, it is still a far cry from the 420lbs I was last year.  I am still succeeding as this journey is not measured in days, weeks, or years.  I know this is a lifelong  journey to save the very thing I wish to continue… My life.

And on a positive note, I am going to a Meetup tomorrow night to meet people.  After looking up different meet-up groups, I decided that a gaming group would be the most like me.  So I shall meet and greet over boardgames and dice rolling.  Secondly, I may be taking my fencing goal off as the more I see what fencing is, it is not what I want to do.  It is too quick and not flashy enough.  Lastly, I am adding cooking to my goal list.  Cooking is something I have been working on for a few months, but haven’t taken it seriously.  My goal is now to cook one new recipe per week.  And to ensure I do it, I am going to make it a weekly post on here.  I will have Torture Tuesday, Weigh-Day Wednesday, and then this soon-to-be-named day.  My week is filling up.

Well that is it… a confession… some disappointment… some sillyness… some uplifting thoughts… Board Games… a few goal updates… and then the end (Which I am sure you are glad to see).

And one last thing before I go.  As promised, below is a screenshot of my GW Fit data for yesterday.  I did pretty well.  I ate my targeted 2500 calories and burned over 4,000, so in the end I had a calorie deficit of 1800 calories.  That is technically 1 pound lost for every 2 days.  I can live with that.

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