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Weekly Weight Loss: 2.9 lbs. Lost

Posted Jan 16 2009 2:37am

Weekly weight lost 2.9 lbs

Reflecting on the Week
Another week down and another few pounds lost. This week I lost 2.9 lbs, which puts me at 318.4 lbs. I’ll take that, as long as I have a loss and continue to feel great I can stay motivated. Last week I was feeling a bit sluggish, but now I am rocking it. I lost 6 lbs last week, and didn’t expect to lose as much this week (although I secretly yearned for it).

This puts me at a total of 9 lbs lost in January, almost half way to my to goal. I am aiming for 15 to 20 lbs lost a month. Don’t worry…the world won’t end if I don’t hit that mark. It’s just a number I set to motivate and test myself. My body will naturally lose the weight at it’s pace. I actually prefer to lose it slow enough that I don’t have tons of saggy skin, which is as much a hassle as losing the weight. Like I said before, I noticed some trends and plan on doing things differently to prevent those “negatives” from resurfacing. I’m halfway there!

The weight loss chart is starting to go in the right direction again! I’m taking it one month, one day, one meal, one workout at a time. It all adds up. Just yesterday, or so it feels, it was January 1st and I was 9 lbs heavier. So, that approach is definitely working for me.

Reflecting on my Workouts
This past week was a great one for my workouts. I did my traditional strength training routine twice in the week and added a bodyweight routine in one day. I also sprinkled in a few days of cardio via running (sprints, jogging, treadmill and outdoors), the stationary bike, and walking. Actually, my bodyweight routine can be considered cardio since it’s high tempo. I’m starting to ramp up the intensity of my weight lifting. One, because it helps with fat burning and two, because it cuts down my time in the gym. If those aren’t two good reasons then I don’t know what are! I’ve also started working on getting in my first pull up in years (thanks to Muata and Mike for the tips.)

Reflecting on my Nutrition
I continue to make great eating choices, which has really surprised me. I am not craving ice cream (which is still in the freezer…Israel 2, ice cream 0). I’ve turned down advances and temptations of the calorie-empty, unhealthy kind and am a better person for it. I mainly eat lean meats (chicken) and veggies. I do eat carbs and fat, but in moderation. I make sure to supplement my cleaner eating with protein and my other supplements. Nothing really has changed on this front, as I continue to eat a variety of meals. I had a chicken parmesan sandwich which was excellent! I also had lunch at Sinigual in Brandon, FL. My dish was a spicy chicken breast served over grilled vegetables. They make a great guacamole, so I had some of that with a few tortilla chips. It’s all about being realistic, but being in control. I drink tons of water and a cup of green tea per day.

Staying motivated is crucial at this juncture. I use this blog and all of the others in the weight loss blogging world as motivators. Buddies are important as well. I’m thinking of doing a weekly promo of other weight loss bloggers that motivate me. There are some, like The Anti Jared, that has lost 200 lbs in 6 months. 6 fucking months! Here I am complaining about having only lost a few lbs in a year and half, and this dude got his act together and lost over 200 lbs, with no surgery. I can so relate with being anti-jared. I’ve always disliked how Jared, from Subway, looks all sloppy and saggy. That’s an advantage I have over some folks, muscle under the fat. I’m gonna be stacked and jacked!!!

No one is going to lose the weight for me. Only I can do it. Using as many tools as possible helps, but it’s ultimately up to me.

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Weekly Weight Loss: 2.9 lbs. Lost

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