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Weekly Weigh-In: 2 lbs Gained & Weight Loss Constipation, Literally

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:52pm

Weekly Weigh-in 2 lbs GainedAhhh!!!I gained 2 lbs. No!! Why me? Why me? LMAO. I’m kidding, it’s not that serious. I did gain two lbs but it’s most likely water weight since I was a little constipated over the weekend. That’s right. I said it… I was constipated! While the scale read 2 lbs heavier than last week, my mind knows that I am right on track so it didn’t devastate me like I thought it would.

Here is the weight loss chart

That little hiccup of 2 lbs ain’t nothing! I’ll be fine next week once my body lets go of some of this water it was holding. This past week was a good one. Yet again I managed to control my eating…something which I’ve been working on heavily. For the past few months one of my main goals was to let go of the emotional, mindless eating and take control of the nutritional side of things. I can honestly say that I am extremely close to my goal of controlling myself when it comes to eating. My gluttonous days are almost over.

My water retaining most likely came as a result of my constipation. On Friday I was not able to use the bathroom, something which I’ve been doing on a daily basis. So on Friday night aside from drinking my usual amounts of water I figured I’d drink some more fiber. What was that for? I was able to relieve myself but felt dehydrated and decided to drink a bunch more water since I wasn’t feeling good. I eat a lot of apples, kiwis, other fiber rich fruits and drink plenty of water so I’m not sure when I was constipated. I did buy some chocolate milk last week and started having some after my workouts. I haven’t been constipated in a very long time. It felt odd and I knew that my weight was going to be off because of it.

I’m not worried. Next week I’ll come back and be better than ever. This isn’t really a plateau or a wall I’ve hit with my weight loss. I’ll know when I hit a wall because I’ll feel it and the scale will tell me. My consistency is so on point that I don’t anticipate hitting a wall for a few more weeks. Another reason I don’t see myself hitting that wall for a while is because I’ve recently started switching up the routine. Instead of just doing burpees on my burpee days, I’ve included bear crawls, plyometrics and some other exercises I hate doing.

So, yeah, I gained 2 lbs this week but they will be short lived. I guarantee it!

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