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Weekend Wrap Up

Posted Jan 10 2010 7:16pm

Is there anything better then a weekend? Seriously. Since returning to work I value my time between 5PM Friday and Sunday night more then anything. Hanging out with my boys, hitting the gym, COOKING! Oh how I love it!

Saturday morning started off with the boot camp class at the gym. It’s really the only hard core workout I do regularly and I really do love it. Every week is different. We do cardio, strength training, circuits, everything and anything is game. I get bored easily so a class like this is perfect for me.

After class I hung out with the family, made soup and sandwiches and got ready for the little guys first ever soccer game. We signed him up for an indoor under 6 league. Here he is during the pre-game practice.

I can’t believe how nervous I was watching him play. He was one of the younger kids, some of his team members were zipping around the court but the coaches were great. I was impressed and awed by their patience.

Amazingly the little guy scored a goal. A GOAL! In his first game ever and his expression was priceless. I was never a big organized sports person (always so self conscious and still am) but with his Dad’s love of sports and my new passion for fitness, I hope to build his confidence early.

After the game we came home, cooked dinner and played. I got creative in the kitchen making, Pork and Bran Flake Schnitzel while the husband and little guy raced the hot wheels. :)

After dinner we played Wii. I have to admit we’ve been a bit obsessed with it since Christmas. Wii Sports Resort has given us a whole host of new games to compete with and the husband and I are a little more then competitive with each other. Our favorites right now are Archery (I DOMINATE him) and basketball (He KILLS me). We also have a blast canoeing which, by far is the best workout. We were huffing, puffing and cracking each other up last night. lol

This morning I hit the Wii again playing Wii Fit with the little guy. We worked up an appetite and made waffles with Dark Chocolate Banana Dipping Sauce.

After breakfast we kind of just hung out and I decided to take a mid day bath. I think I might make this a Sunday tradition. It’s amazing what a warm bath and a good book can do for your soul. :)

After lunch we watched the Ravens game, hit the bowling alley, went out to dinner at Outback (I ate WAY too much- STILL full) and then stocked up on groceries for the week.

Right now I’m sitting enjoying Iron Chef. The little guy’s in the bed. The kitchen is clean. The husband is finishing up the laundry. Lunches are made and I’m ready to face the week. Which starts tomorrow at the body shop. My poor car got a boo boo this week. Don’t ask. I don’t want to get into it. It’s not a big deal, just another thing on the long to do list to take care of. *sigh*

Speaking of my to do list, keep an eye on FitBloggin in the coming weeks. There are only 67 days left until the event and I’m only *slightly* freaking out. We are positioned to sell out. I’m working with more and more sponsors and the speaker list is growing. WHAT did I get myself into?!? *nail biting*

Ok, Breath.

Anway, I’ll close with my food journal entries for Saturday and Sunday. I normally shy away from the food journaling on the weekends as I’m all over the place. However, I’m making an effort to get back into a routine as my diet (as in what I eat) has been all over the place since the holidays. As you can see I wasn’t "perfect" but I was honest with myself. That is a huge first big step.

~*~*~*~saturday journal~*~*~*~
1 hour bootcamp class #tep #activity
glass of light choc soy milk and 1/2 donut split with the toddler
bowl of progresso light soup and 1/2 grilled cheese split with the little guy. #tep #lunch
handful of snappea crisps LOVE these things!
Pork and Bran Flake Schnitzel (Had 2 chops) with whole wheat noodles and peas #tep #dinner #recipe
lite ice cram bar
a few bites of dark chocolate with almonds
~*~*~*~sensational sunday journal~*~*~*~
made banana pancakes into waffles and topped with a banana chocolate sauce #tep #breakfast
took my gummy vitamins! :)
quick pizza made on a flat out bread with leftovers, baby spinach and moz cheese. #tep #lunch
over indulged @ outback:tilapia - veggies - a few wings - & the chocolate thunder from down under (small sized) it was 2 much-i feel stuffed
Total: N/A

Table provided by Roni’s Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator. Track my food journal live @RonisFood

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