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Weekend Recap: GREAT!

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:06pm
I'm sitting here in my PJ's, the air is cool and I'm coming off the high of a really nice weekend. The baby in the picture with me is my new little niece - isn't she so sweet? She's a twin - there's a picture of me and her brother further down. They are just a month precious.

Notice that my arm is bigger than the baby? *Sigh* I cannot wait until I lose this weight. For a long time I refused to wear short-sleeved shirts because my arms are so big, but after I had my kids, I just didn't really care what people thought anymore, lol!

So this weekend was just so great. I got to see the twins for the first time, and the weather here was GORGEOUS. Breezy, warm, low humidity...if only it was always that way.

So did I stick to my plan this weekend? Eh...sort of. I cooked a couple of meals for my cousin so she would have some quick dinners (besides the twins she has a 20 month old, my godson, so she's just a wee bit busy!). I made meatloaf with mashed potatos and carrots, and baked ziti. The meatloaf recipe made two loaves, so we had it for dinner Friday night. I had small portions, but I felt so full afterwards.

Oh, and I made cookies. For my cousins, of course. But I just HAD to taste them to make sure they were okay. I had two cookies Friday night as well. Yup.

(So if you're paying attention, you'll notice I called the baby my niece but her mom is my cousin. Technically, we are not blood related. Our parents are very close friends, and we all grew up together - we're family by choice. My cousin's kids are my niece and nephews because that's how we do it - she calls my mom her aunt, I call her mom my aunt, and so on.... Okay, glad we got that cleared up! Or did I just make it worse...)

On Saturday after our visit to see the new babes, we went back to my parent's for dinner - barbecue. I did okay - a hot dog with cole slaw, a taste of macaroni and potato salad, 1 rib, and a 1/2 scoop of vanilla ice cream. My parent's house is a BIG trap for me, and it is so tough to stay on track when I go there. I think I may start bringing my own food.

On the plus side: I went to the gym on Friday and today (Sunday). Both were great workouts, so hopefully I burned off those cookies! Today my eating was spot on, so I've got three more days to be clean before my weigh-in on Thursday.

Oh, here's the picture of my new nephew:
Adorable, right? They are just so cute. I definitely got the baby bug this weekend, but I know I have to lose this weight first before we try for another one.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!
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