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Weekend Quote: Fall in Love with the Process

Posted Jan 18 2009 1:22am

This weekend’s quote is brought to you by Rebecca ’s Husband. :)

Rebecca was nice enough to leave a comment on the Dietgirl Helps Me Out post. It was in reference to a question about being impatient with weight loss. Hollie asked…

What advice can you give to someone who is antsy about seeing results immediately, and how can they stay motivated to continue living a healthy lifestyle?

Haven’t we all been there? We want immediate results. We want the magic pill. A genie in a bottle to grant our wish of thinness. When we look in the mirror after making good decisions all week and still see the same body staring back at us it’s hard to stay motivated. At that time the big picture seems irrelevant to us. We get impatient and want to feed our unhappiness with a piece of cake or slice of pizza.

Ohhh how I remember those feelings.

But Rebecca’s husband, the genius that he is, has the best response I’ve ever heard…

Baby, if you want to change, you can’t just be in love with the end result, you have to fall in love with the process too.

Oh my.. a truer statement has never been uttered. All of my previous attempts at weight loss were failures because all I focused on was the end result. I just wanted to be thin SO badly. It consumed my thoughts. Made me try drastic things that were, in the end, counterproductive.

You guys know I credit the toddler for my change in lifestyle. One of the reasons, I think, is because I really didn’t focus on being a particular size or shape anymore. It just didn’t seem as important to me as I was nursing that little baby boy. Instead I was now consumed with wanting to learn how to live a healthier life. I wanted to be a good example for him. In a way, having a child distracted me from my desire of thinness and had me focus on the process of healthy.

I know it’s not easy to do when you are unhappy in your skin but this change in focus is one of the most important steps towards your goals. When I figured that out I really did fall in love with it.

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