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Weekend Away

Posted May 03 2009 12:00am
I live at home with my mom, dad, brother (8) and sister (6). I'm 21. And although I love being at home and with the kids, they drive me crazy. Before you all think my mom was some 60+ woman having more kids, this year she turned 41 and I'm turning 21. She took a long break from child bearing. As much as I love Ben and Sarah, they are crazy. Yelling, running, jumping, stealing lip glosses, making peanut butter slip and slides. Madness! My best friend of 15 years suggested a weekend away at her house. She's been busy with her last bout of exams, I've been busy (kinda) looking for a job etc so we hadn't seen each other in a while. I think I was starting to pack before I hung up the phone.

This is a good thing for my sanity, bad thing for my 'life change' (aka diet, yuck I hate that word). Eating is our thing. When we're together much crap is consumed. Wine, beer, pizza, Chinese take out. EEK! I was pretty good. We didn't eat out, we did however down two bottles of wine and a couple of beers, heh heh. Woops!

There wasn't a whole lot of activity either. We did play drunk catch and took a drunk walk on Saturday night. Better than nothing right?

So here we are. Sunday night. Vowing to get back on the wagon. And I need to. My big family trip to Disney is in 4 months and I don't think I've worn a bathing suit for 5 years. My grandmother has already told me that if she doesn't see me in a bathing suit in Florida she's going to drown me. I'm 98% sure she's kidding.

Part of my decision of wanting to be smaller for my trip is my cousin, Dana. There's always been bad blood between us and I'm not too sure why. She was big like me until her parent's paid for her to go to Bernstein. I was mortified that I'd be the 'big' one. She did lose 70 lbs but she's been putting it all back on, much to my own evil delight. Then last week she told me she was going back on Bernstein because she's almost sure she's going to Disney with us. Damn!

Tomorrow is a new day though and I'm going to lose this weight properly with hard work and determination. Probably because I can't afford Bernstein.....kidding, kinda.

This week I'm going to commit to tracking everything I eat and doing my 30 Day Shred DVD everyday. I'll be posting all my virtual bitching and complaining. Fun times.
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