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Week 5 Weigh In

Posted Nov 17 2008 8:57pm
I lost a pound. Normally I wouldn't be excited with only one pound, but this morning I am glad fully accepting it and moving on. Yesterday morning, my period came, which I was happy about because I am not ready physically to add to my family. Since yesterday morning, I have been suffering from major cramps and bloating. I didn't even want to weigh in and post this morning. But I want this blog to be completely honest and want it be true to my life, so I told myself, I would be happy with whatever the scale said. I was actually happy to see a loss! I think that is what is so cool about blogging with all of you. At a WW meeting or JC meeting or whatever thing I have done in the past, I would have felt that 1 pound was not enough or someone would of made me feel bad. Now that I can see that there is a consistent cycle that my body naturally goes through, (like during TOM) it helps me. Some people like L think I should only weigh in once a month, but I think I need to see every week for now.

The P.T was great and I had a wonderful time with her and got a great workout. She showed me some great new machines, and took me out of my "comfort zone" area which is an area in the gym where there is a circuit, that I guess is more along the lines of what you would find at a Curves. I have been doing that circuit since I started, its not really in the heart of the gym and its in its own special place.

She already knew what I was doing by being observant, and that really impressed me. She showed me some things that I never thought I could or would do. She wrote everything down so I can continue on. She did show me some prices, and for this time of year, they are way too expensive for me, but I will see if there are any training specials after the first of the year, from what I hear from other ladies, they usually offer some.

All in all, I am very happy. I have managed to turn my life around in 5 weeks. I have lost 21 pounds! I notice that I am not as out of breath when I walk upstairs in my house. My feet and knees do not hurt as much when I wake up. 21 pounds ago, I would wake up in the middle of the night and I could barely walk the two feet to my toilet because of all the aches in my feet. What a difference 21 pounds has made on my joints!

I already know what goal I am setting for this next week: TO STOP CHECKING THE SCALE EVERYDAY! I am going to have Hubby lock it up!
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