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Week 30 Pregnancy Update

Posted Jul 01 2014 10:00am

The Bump

week 30 pregnancy update

Gender – It’s a girl!

Movement- There must have been a major growth spurt or something last week because it has literally been like night and day.  I went from hardly ever feeling the baby to now feeling her a ton! She is really active almost every morning when I get into work and then again on my commute home.  I love feeling her all the time, but I’ll admit that there are times when she’s positioned high that I’m pretty uncomfortable.

Baby Prep- On top of attending our first birth class this past Saturday, I’ve also scheduled a few prenatal appointments with pediatricians in the area with the goal of finding a doctor before the baby arrives.  Otherwise I’m just waiting until my mom and sister arrive this weekend before starting any other projects.

Northern Virginia Lamaze Class

Food cravings- Man! I have been so incredibly hungry lately.  Some days I’ve felt rather nauseous so I haven’t wanted to eat, but then I realize I’m actually nauseous because I haven’t eaten.  It’s hard for me to wrap my head around being hungry 1-2 hours after having a filling meal, but the reality is, I’m hungry!  As I shared on Sunday , I think it’s time to start eating 5-6 smaller meals a day vs 3 meals.

Food wise I’m still craving smoothies and juices.  I’ve been craving sweets a lot more, which you can see on my Instagram , so I’m just trying to keep those cravings under control.

ice cream

Workouts – I’m really proud of myself for the workouts I did during week 30!  I was really tired on Thursday night but pushed through and went to spin anyways.  Aside from walks with Theodore, I went to spin class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday last week.

Workout Spin

Sleep -  I didn’t sleep very well last week.  I was really uncomfortable and actually slept on the couch two nights.  I got the hours in but I was restless and didn’t always wake up recharged.

week 30 pregnancy update week 30 pregnancy update


Symptoms – The baby sat really high most of the week so my heartburn was pretty bad most days.  My heartburn is annoying because drinking water makes it worse but water’s hard to avoid when you’re pregnant and are thirsty all the time.  Otherwise I haven’t really had any other symptoms.  Still dealing with carpel tunnel and round ligament pain from time to time.

#PregnancyProblems – I’m just going to put it out there… camel toe.  It doesn’t matter what maternity shorts or pants I wear, camel toe has become a new “pregnancy problem” for me.   I look like a fool but at this point I honestly just don’t care.  I guess I need to just stick to skirts and dresses.

Thoughts and feelings -  I feel like I’m just being a big baby but last week was a tough one.  I feel like I went from things being smooth and easy to feeling super uncomfortable most days.  I felt (and still feel) large, heavy, and just overall gross most days.  Maybe it’s the heat combined with being 30 weeks pregnant, but I wasn’t a happy camper mentally most of last week.  I know… cry me a river.  All in all I know I have so much to be thankful for.  My pregnancy has been quite smooth so far and I shouldn’t be all that surprised that I’ve started to not feel like myself as the baby and I put on more weight.

Another thing that has intensified is my irrational fear of losing loved ones.  This all started during my second trimester but holy moly has it gotten worse.  Last week I started having essentially nightmares about losing loved ones and it has made me really emotional and a little crazy during the day.  I fret about everyday things like Neal commuting to work, my sister driving between my parents home and her home, my brother living in Las Vegas, you name it.  It probably doesn’t help that my family lives well outside of the DC area and I don’t see them often, but I’ve just been overcome with fear as of late.  It’s the worst with Neal.  Whether he’s taking Theodore for a walk or traveling to Boston with the DC Divas, I’m just terrified of losing him.  I know I just have to trust that my loved ones will be protected, but pregnancy has definitely brought about some heavy, heavy fears.   I can only imagine what it’ll be like when our daughter arrives.  Mommy nightmares?

On a positive note, the baby is growing and moving a lot!  Neal and I hope she stays put until September but we’re really starting to get excited for her arrival.  We both can’t wait to be parents and to meet this little baby!  It’s really such an amazing gift and blessing!

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