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Week 1 is in the books

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:19pm

My gym is closed on the weekends. I can go to the main one in the suburbs then but I probably won’t. Since it would be cardio anyway, the wife and I are going to take an hour walk on both days.

Today was my second day of lifting. It went a lot smoother without the pen and paper. I did bench, squat, pulldowns, cable row, leg press and butterfly. I really need to add shoulder and triceps in there sometime. I suppose I need to add some crunches too.

Today I went with lower reps and higher weight - the exact opposite of last time. I think I’m going to mix it up and see how that goes. This approach is a lot quicker. I was done in 30 minutes. Maybe I should have done some cardio. If I do a 30 minute workout I could throw in 20 minute run on the treadmill.

Felt great today. I was hurting a little bit this morning but by lunch it was all gone. I’m very relieved. The thought of lifting while sore bothers me. I’m gonna stick to this two time a week thing until my recovery time is better.

What sucks is that I’m not losing any weight right now. I’m hovering between 313 and 315 constantly. I tell myself that I’m gaining muscle but it can’t be that much. My cardio level is going through the roof and I get nothing.

Oh well, muscle burns more calories so maybe if I keep this up I can expect results down the line.

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