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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Aug 21 2013 6:00am
We had AMAZING weather for our run on Saturday - it was just barely 70 degrees and cool!  Low humidity and a slight breeze made for one of those runs where the miles flew was such a treat to experience this kind of weather in August, in Texas! 

Amy and I usually start out after everyone else; there's last-minute things to take care of before we can leave the park.  Not a big deal, as we eventually catch up to a few of our runners.  But we could tell that everyone was having a great run, as it took us over 3 miles to catch some (aside from our walker).  The miles flew by and suddenly we were finished - very rarely can I say that a 5 mile run was easy, but this one was.  And considering how beat-up I normally feel after running a few miles in our heat and humidity, I will gladly take it!  We did our usual 2:1 intervals and finished in 1:10.  Last time I ran 5 miles in under 1:10 was December 22nd (Garmin keeps my stats) - it was 34 degrees, and I ran 5 miles in 1:08.  I daresay I'm getting a little more efficient with my running - thank you, land workouts!

The only thing that was odd was that as the day progressed, my legs felt more and more tired.  I mean, like REALLY tired.  Usually I like doing a 5 miler, because it's just enough to let you know that you did something without wrecking you for the rest of the day.  Took me until the next morning to remember that Amy, Andi, Caren and I decided it would be a good thing to do some lunges and squats after the run (I told you we were all feeling really good).  While it didn't bother me at the time, obviously it was enough to send my legs over the edge.  So note to self:  you might still do lunges and squats, but you're gonna pay for it.

Our shirts came in last week and we got to hand them out to our runners - every season, we get a technical shirt as part of our registration fee.  This year Amy, Julia and I came up with our theme for the shirt, which also carried over to our runner of the week cape - here's the connection
Front of the shirt has the Superman "R" on it; back of shirt says "I'm A Runner...What's YOUR Superpower?"  Shown with the first three of our Runners of the Week wearing the cape!

******************** Walking back from the hill workout - yep, still dark.
Our hill workouts have been going really well.  We've got a nice group who manages to show up at 5:30 am on Tuesdays, and while no one is really awake when we begin, we're all nice and peppy at the end.  We've been working our way up to doing a total of eight repeats (we started with four, and increased by one each week), and yesterday was the day we hit eight. I've surprised myself by being able to run all of the repeats each week - I'm a stronger runner than I feel, I guess. That said, I tried to convince Amy that when Julia finished ahead of us, we could cut our workout short by one repeat, but noooooooo, Amy wanted to finish.  Sigh.  So we did.  I'm always glad I did a workout, but I'm not always glad I'm DOING one, if that makes sense.  Somehow, I suspect many of my readers do understand those feelings!

As usual, I'll be running with Erica tomorrow morning.  We were a bit startled last week during our run, when we heard footsteps approaching us really fast - just as I turned my head to look behind me, thinking it was Jeff (who had started on his run about 10 minutes before us), two college-aged guys blew past us.  Which was not a cool thing to do to two women on a darkish street (there were streetlights on, but we weren't under them when this happened).  I wish runners would be a little more aware and considerate of other runners as they approach from behind - we weren't wearing headphones and could hear what was going on around us, but these guys came up really fast, and made me feel a little more vulnerable than I would like to admit.  At the very least, they could have moved to the other side of the street (this is a subdivision, so the streets aren't wide) instead of coming within inches of us.  Even though we were running in a familiar, safe area, as well as not running solo, it brought home to me that unfortunately, we should never get too comfortable with our surroundings when we are out running, and was another reminder that awareness and safety needs to come first - always.
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