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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Jan 23 2013 7:34am
I've run the gamut with my workouts over the last few years, from baby stepping my way into exercise by riding my sweet pink cruiser bike, to doing intense workouts with a small group (tire flipping, anyone?), to running and training for my first half marathon.  Now it seems like I'm moving back toward easier workouts, although I don't think that's entirely accurate.  More like, I think I'm being kinder to my body while I exercise, if that makes sense.  I no longer feel the need to punish my body.  I don't have to hurt in order to feel like I did something worthwhile.  It's OK to be able to move without wanting to cry the day after a workout.  And because of this approach, I'm liking exercise more and more.  Why it took me nearly five years to figure out, I don't know. 

So, what did I do this week?  Same old, same old...only I increased everything a little.  I rode the exercise bike twice and bumped it up from 20 minutes to 25 minutes.  Eventually I'd like to max out around 45 minutes, but obviously that is a long way off.  There's no deadline for me - this is just something I'm doing.  So why kill myself getting to 45 minutes, right?  I was surprised to find that when I finished my first 25 minute workout and got off the bike, I had jelly legs!  Just for a minute, but it showed me how different bike riding is vs. running for my legs.

I'm still doing a plank a day - today I'll hit 1:30.  That's getting tough, but I have to say, I'm enjoying how strong my abs are feeling.  I'll definitely keep this up after the challenge is over.

And as I mentioned in Monday's post, I ran 8 miles on Saturday.  It went GREAT.  Finally, we had perfect running weather - it was 37 degrees and clear when we started.  No rain, low humidity...ahhhh!  We ran doing 2:1 intervals, which continue to work well for me.  I just roll with the beeps and don't seem to focus on the miles as much, and before I know it, I'm done.   While this won't make me the fastest person to complete a half marathon, I'm getting confident that I will actually finish my next race by running steadily the entire way.  I need that, and if running intervals is what it takes to get there, then I'll run intervals.

Jenny and I ran yesterday - we got a nice 2 mile run in (before she went to go workout with Brad, crazy girl).  Erica and I will run our 2.6 mile loop tomorrow morning.  I love running with my girlfriends.  Quite the different conversation with them than I have with Jeff, that's for sure.

We have 9 miles on tap for Saturday and you know what?  I'm not even worried. 
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