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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Sep 12 2012 6:00am
You know how they say "it's not the heat, it's the humidity"?  That saying was proven correct on Saturday.  Driving to the park just before 6:00 am, the car's outside temperature gauge read 82 degrees, which would normally mean a miserably hot run.  But it didn't feel bad - in fact, it felt almost cool!  Now, I realize that after running in the summer heat and humidity this might sound like we have a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on, but seriously, it was amazing how decent the air felt, considering it was, you know, 82 degrees.  Low humidity - what a concept...and a treat!

Anyway.  We had 7 miles on tap.  We set out in the dark, on familiar territory - I can't tell you how excited I was to get back to our old running route!  Jeff (who ended up having a flight late enough in the morning that he was able to run with us), Jenny and I ran together, had a great time, lollygagged a bit (shoe tying, water drinking), saw a huge family of deer hanging out on the golf course, and just enjoyed ourselves.  Between the new (old) route and the weather, it was a banner day.  We left Jenny around mile 4.5 - she had a busy morning ahead and needed to get home.  Jeff and I turned and ran up "Boonville Hill" - somehow, it wasn't as bad as previous years...big props to hill work! 

At mile 5, we stopped at the aid station and had some water and Gatorade, refilled our bottles, and regrouped for the rest of the run.  Shortly after, I got a bit of a side stitch that stayed with me through the end of the run - I was also having a harder time keeping my breathing steady.  By the time we rolled into the finish, I was spent!  Turns out after looking at our Garmin splits, we were running pretty fast - relatively speaking - for the last 2 miles, which would explain the breathlessness.  I think the first run in decent weather contributed to this; we'll have to pay more attention to keeping a steadier pace next time.  We ended up finishing 2 minutes faster than last week, and had we not lollygagged so much, we probably would have knocked off another couple of minutes.

After we finished, Jeff left for Alaska, but I hung around and waited for Julia to come in - she was running 10 miles (and finished in great time, too - hurray cooler weather!).  We went out for breakfast with Coach Will
 My breakfast date!  Also, could my hair be any more wild??
Coach Will - speed demon.  He stayed behind to run with the slower runners (yes, there are a few slower than me), caught up with us around mile 4, then passed us and was at the finish handing out cold washcloths when we came in. 
And then we went to the running store.  It's practically a rule now:  run on Saturday, then check out the running store for anything we might need, LOL.  I bought a pair of Yankz, which are an elastic shoelace system that I'm hoping will keep me from having to constantly stop and retighten my laces (it's not that they always come untied, but they loosen up overall, and I have to snug everything up to get the shoe feeling like it's connected to my foot, if that makes sense).  I'll let you know how they work out after a few runs in them.

Monday dawned a gloriously cool 64 degrees.  Erica came over to run with me, and I swear, it felt like I was floating.  Considering that the previous Monday, I ran after 7 miles with my legs feeling like lead, this was an entirely different sensation...and one that I could get used to.  Of course, I know it was just a tease, as it's too early for the cool temperatures to stick around, but it was wonderful.

Yesterday, since it still was coolish, Jenny and I ran after she got her kids off to school - I haven't started a run after 6:00 am in months, but there we were, at 7:45, running in daylight!  We ran a mile and then I talked her into doing hill repeats.  I don't know what I was thinking - they are still hard!  But we did 8 of them, bam! 

Thursday is another run with Erica, and then...dun dun duhhhhh...8 miles on Saturday.  Cue horror movie shriek!
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