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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Aug 29 2012 6:00am
I made it pretty far into this season of training before getting hit with aches and pains, but this week, my legs have been protesting all of the running.  Motrin has become my friend once again, I've been using The Stick on my legs, and the coupon for a $45 massage that I've been hanging onto?  Might just get used in the next couple of weeks...hopefully that will get all the knots out and "reset" my legs for the next part of training.

Saturday's long run went much better than the previous one.  I can't tell you what a relief that was!  It was still stupid hot, but there was a slight breeze at times which helped to cool our sweat-soaked bodies.  We had 6 miles on the schedule, but Coach Will changed it up to 6.2 - an official 10K.  Considering that I loathe 10K races (mostly because they are coupled with 5K's, and the majority of the runners end up doing the shorter distance, while the fools go on to run the longer, lonely 10K) (I have been that fool a couple times), I didn't mind this distance.  When Jenny and I started out running (Jeff is still out of town), I said in a cheerleader-type chant to her: "what are we gonna do?!" and she responded "watch out for cars!" LOL.  Awareness, it's a good thing.

This course takes us through some busy intersections - some that we cannot cross against the light; it's just too dangerous.  So we had a couple of unplanned rest stops at red lights - probably a minute each - but we really didn't take a break until mile 3, when we hit the water station.  We refilled our bottles, had a GU, and then started back up.  I think that break hit me mentally, because at about 3.75 miles, I wanted to stop and walk.  I told Jenny that, and we agreed to push it to mile 4 - that's when it's good to have a running buddy who will keep you going.  We walked for about a quarter mile at mile 4, and then pretty much ran (red light stops excluded) the rest of the way in.  Just the fact that we didn't feel like death throughout the run made it so much better, and my confidence has bumped up a notch about doing these long distances.
Team Sweaty Jelly!

Monday morning Erica was kind enough to come over and run with me at 5:00 am - she had a busy work day and needed an early start.  Paco, who normally only gets to see her on Thursday mornings, was thrilled - he LOVES her.  So cute - I think he really believes she's coming over to see him, not to run with me!  The run was great fun as usual, but because we ran an hour earlier than we normally do, it was really dark, which made it hard to see roadkill until we were practically upon it (either a possum or armadillo - we didn't want to look too closely - and a snake)...gross!  Tuesday evening Julia and I met with our running club and did speedwork at the track.  It wasn't pretty - at 8:00 pm, it was still 96 degrees!  But we got it done, and then had dinner afterward
We wanted soup, but as this was our late dinner, were hungrier for more than a cup, so we each ordered a bowl.  Cauldrons arrived!  Too funny.  Hot and sour for Julia, wonton for me.  Yum.
I have a confession:  some mornings, after I've finished my run?  I come home, take a quick shower, throw on an old nightgown, and go back to bed (after I've had a chocolate milk and some Gatorade, of course).  These 4:15 am wake up calls, coupled with my multiple wake ups during the night (I'm hot! I'm cold! I'm WIDE AWAKE! It's fun being me...) have been getting to me.  The nice thing is that Paco lays on my legs during these naps, and that pressure feels good on them - I'm thinking he could be considered a reverse foam-roller.  Anyway, I know I'm very lucky to be able to do this, and the best part is that when I wake up again (usually between 8 and 8:30 am) I feel refreshed, human, and ready to start my day - and I've already done my exercise, which is a nice bonus!
Awkward shot taken with iPad of my view when I woke up after my Monday morning nap...Paco and Henry sleeping on me.  My little helpers!
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