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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Jun 06 2012 6:00am
First up, May stats:  I ran 41.5 miles for the month!  A small increase from last month, which is just fine with me because I'm really, really trying to take it easy and not overdo anything.  That said, I pretty much run pain-free (a little twinge of the ankle occasionally) but I am still walking like Lurch (Addam's Family...anybody remember that show?) a lot of the time.  I'm NOT getting old (Dad!), but I'm definitely not as spry as I used to be, and I don't understand how that happens as in my head, I'm still an 18-year-old!

My birthday run on Saturday was great fun - we started off with seven running club peeps and ended with eight - it felt like old times, with a group to start and finish with!  Like I mentioned in Monday's post, I'd planned on running 4.5 miles, but upped that to 4.9 for my 49th birthday.  The run went much better than last week, although about mile 1.25, when we turned into the fancy-schmancy subdivision, the combination of all the sprinklers putting extra humidity into the air along with zero breeze made for a hellishly hot mile, until we got to the back of the subdivision where the land is undeveloped - no houses, no sprinklers, and a breeze - what a relief!  I think we are going to do a different route next week - that area, while beautiful, is just too hot this time of year.

Oh - one nice thing about the back of the subdivision is the wildlife - as we were running, I remembered how I used to see lots of deer back when I was training for my first half marathon, and I swear, just as I thought of that, two deer crossed the road just ahead of us!  Cool!  About 30 seconds later, a third deer came blasting out, trying to catch up to his friends...obviously he was lollygagging and didn't see them leave.

Jeff and I got to the park, where most of our group was waiting for us - as we got closer, Jeff called out to them that we were going to run to 4.9 (which was another four-tenths of a mile)...Kim and Carrie jumped back in to run behind me, chanting "Go Shelley, it's your birthday, go Shelley!" - which made me laugh and put a big smile on my face - thanks, ladies!

We had a good time afterward, standing around, eating the watermelon that we'd brought, rehashing races and discussing which halfs to run in the future.  I still think it's hilarious that I, who spent so many years overweight and sedentary, would be so excited to wake up EARLY on my birthday, go for a long run, and then commit to more running!  Crazy and wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way!
  Deshonda, Carrie, me, Will, Kim (missing are Mike and John, who left before pictures)...and in runner humor, Will posted on my Facebook wall that I don't look a day over 4.5, ha!
Laughing and having a good time!   Slow and steady - right now, I'm just going for distance...speed will catch up eventually.
With Jeff, Jenny and Julia out of town this week, I begged Erica to step in and run with me both Tuesday and Thursday - while she's not ready to get back into running like she was, luckily she was willing - thanks, Erica!  We ran 2 miles yesterday and will do another 2 on Thursday - nice, relaxing runs that make me feel like I could go on for miles...I'm sure the sweet company has a lot to do with it, too.
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