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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted May 30 2012 6:00am
My long run on Saturday was a rough one - I tried a couple of new things and let me tell you, they did NOT work out like I'd hoped.  I could bitch and moan about the weather, too - but let's face it:  I live in Texas.  It's hot.  End of story.  We ran 4.5 miles, as planned...what wasn't planned was a mini breakdown around 1.75 miles in.  But after a little hissy fit (Jeff can be SUCH a diva!), I made a couple of adjustments and the rest of the run went much better.

I started off wearing a Frogg Togg Chilly Pad around my neck - I saw a woman with one after the Wolf Pen race we did last month and was amazed at how cold the towel felt, even after she'd run a 10K.  So I bought one for Jeff and I.  Well, it does stay cold, I'll give it that.  But it was bulky and heavy around my neck, plus it bounced around.  I tried tucking it into my shirt but that didn't really help.  Plus, I think the extra weight contributed to my feeling suffocated, and my breathing was back to the mess of panting/panic breathing that I thought I had gotten over.  Combine that with my hat feeling wrong (I think I had my ponytail too high and the hat didn't sit right), which in turn kept hitting the top of my sunglasses, which kept sliding down my nose (thank you, sweat), and I was ripe for a breakdown.  Luckily, it was short-lived - I was able to stop, readjust, take off the damn towel (and wipe my teary, sweaty face - the towel was cool, I'll give it that), take off the hat, and get back to running.  Which went fine until I stopped for my "Gu at Tu" (thanks to Kim for coining that phrase!) - I was low on my favorite flavor, Chocolate Outrage, so I tried a different one - Espresso Love.  Now, I love everything coffee flavored, but this GU was too strong for me - I couldn't even gag it down.  Now I know - use what works, and what works for me is chocolate.  Another lesson learned.

The one thing that was great about this not-so-great run?  My legs.  I don't know if it was the extra carbs I'd eaten for the last couple of days, or just that I've been running so often, but I didn't even notice them until close to mile 4.  That was a nice realization - if I can get my lungs and emotions in order, my body should be good to go the distance!

 Looking at the picture, I can see that my hat was on funny.  And that  Just no.

And after:
Thumbs down to this run; Wait, let me wipe the burning sweat from my eyes; OK, maybe it wasn't so bad - after all, I just ran 4.5 miles.  Thumbs up!
Monday, Jeff and I woke up and ran 2 miles.  Struggled a bit with my breathing again - what is up with that?!?  Dislike.  Later in the day, we headed out for sno cones, and actually walked there.  Yes, it was 92 degrees, but we walked in the shade most of the way, and really, it was less than half a mile each direction.  One thing about running is that it's made me realize how easy it is to cover some distance by foot.

Tuesday, Jenny and I ran 2 miles.  It was funny - we were talking a lot as we ran, and at one point I was pretty breathless and said "I have to take a break" and started to walk, then glanced down at Ricky Bobby, saw that we were at mile 1.78 and said "I can't walk now!" and we started running again, with Jenny going all gung-ho trainer on me..."we'll run, no talking!" - which is what we did, and what I needed to do.  It would have been silly to stop so close to 2 miles.  Sometimes, I just need that extra push.
Tomorrow, Erica and I have 2 miles scheduled...seems to be the theme of the week!  And then, I'll run a bit with Jenny - Erica and I run easy, so another little bit should be fine.  Dribs and drabs all add up to stronger legs, though.
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