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Wednesday Workout...Update?

Posted Jan 18 2012 6:00am
When I am on a roll with my exercise, be it group workouts, running, swimming, or even just going for a bike ride every evening, I'm on autopilot.  I don't have to think about it; I just automatically get up, get dressed and go.  And I like it that way.  Makes for much less mental fatigue, and I prefer that over being at the point where it's not the actual fatigue from exercise that is stopping me, but simply my own mind.

As you might have guessed, I'm not on autopilot this week.  I could cut myself some slack, because we traveled over the weekend, and Monday was a holiday, with Jeff being home, where we he built our new wall system.  I could have gone to the pool...but I didn't.  I could have gone out for a long walk...but I didn't.  I did get a bunch of laundry done and the house put back in order now that Max has gone back to Denton, but let's face it, if doing chores worked as exercise, I never would have been overweight, right?

See, this is why I hate to get out of my routine.  It's so hard to get back into it!  And the thing is?  I actually like it when I'm in the middle of my workout, whatever it is (ok, not so much with the burpees, but I don't have to do those anymore).  It's just the beginning that is such a mental challenge to me.  But this ends now.  Next Wednesday, I want to post a picture of my neglected training journal with workouts actually filled in.  Because I like to exercise.  I do, I really do!  I just haven't been acting like it.
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