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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Oct 20 2010 3:00am
I am happy happy happy to report that I did not experience any stomach issues after my 10 mile run on Saturday!!! Woooohoooo!!! What a relief - not only was I getting sick of feeling so crummy for nearly two days after each long run, but I was getting a little worried that something was wrong with me. Nope - apparently I just needed to change up what I was eating and drinking.

So, what did I do differently? Well, I had a plain bagel for breakfast on Friday, then most of a banana. Clif bar and rice crackers for lunch, protein shake for a snack. White pasta with marinara sauce for dinner. I deliberately did not have a lot of fiber, veggies or fruit. NOT my normal diet, to be sure.

On Saturday, I had a bagel before my run, and carried coconut water with me in my new handheld Amphipod water bottle (trying to avoid another gut-shot chafing incident). I refilled the bottle twice on the run with water and ate two Clif Shot Bloks during the run. No Gatorade or Powerade afterward. Post run, while relaxing in a lovely ice bath (brrr!), I drank a bottle of Athlete's Honey Milk that Coach Erica had given me. About an hour later, with my stomach still doing surprisingly well, I had some good old fashioned Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup and another bagel. And for the first time in three weeks, I got my weekend back! What a relief to not be so sick after a long run. I have to give major props to my guru Helen, who has been working with me to figure out what needed to change in my diet leading up to Saturday. It worked!

Oh yeah, and about that run...10 miles. Dang. That is still a long distance to run! I had a couple of goals for this run. One was to beat my "devil mile" as I've been calling mile 6 - that bugger killed me during my last two runs. I've had to walk most of it, and I didn't want to do that again. I downloaded a few new (ok, really old, but new to my playlist) songs* and put them in where I thought I would hit mile 6, which turned out to be right. I powered through it, even though it was on the long, long uphill portion of the run. Victory! Glad I beat that thing. My other goal was to run slower than a 12 minute mile - I've been told that since my race pace seems to be a 12 minute mile, my long run pace should be slower. This helped get me through - I walked for one minute at every mile (while drinking from my water bottle), and I didn't have to do any extra walking until miles 8 and 9 - I ended up with a 12:45 average pace, which was good as I was aiming for 13:00. Hopefully doing this will carry me through 2 additional miles next Saturday, when we have a 12 mile run on the schedule!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you the most amazing thing about that run that I totally missed! I was told after we were done that while I was running through the neighborhood where I saw a deer a few weeks ago , THREE DEER were following me for quite a while! On the sidewalk!!! The man who I kept trading places with during the run was behind me, and he said that I ran by a clump of bushes and then the deer - a mama and her babies - stepped out and started walking behind me! He crossed over to the other side of the street and got to watch them - said they followed me for quite a while. I can't believe that I missed it! :( And funny - I didn't even hear their hoof beats, and I don't use headphones (my iTouch has a speaker). Talk about being in my own world! Anyway, I just think this was so cool.

For Monday, a 40 minute easy run was on the schedule. I met up with Jenny, who is coming off of being sick (she's still not 100%) and hadn't run for two weeks. Which worked out fine, because this was basically a recovery run for me. We ran through our park, then headed off down the road where the sidewalk is nice and wide...although there are a couple of good inclines, it's a pretty sweet place to run. Then we turned up a different street, which was fun - even ran by a pasture with cows! Eventually we figured out how close we were to the park, and while crossing the four lane road to get back there wasn't easy (no signal or stop signs), we made it, and I'd do that run again. The other cool thing was that I felt great during this whole run and could have kept going - a first for me! I didn't, because I am following the schedule that my running club has set for us, and hopefully will avoid injury this way.

Tuesday we had speed drills. We met up at the newest high school's track, which is open to the public, unlike this one . We warmed up with a mile run, then did sprints of 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of walking, for a total of eight times. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. I had Ricky Bobby programmed to alert me every 30 seconds, and the sprints were over with pretty quick. I got to run with my half homies, Julia and Erica, and it was fun to catch up with them. We were supposed to finish the workout with a one mile cool down run, but after 3/4 of a mile we called it a night.

Today another 20 minute easy run is on the schedule, but since I ran hard last night, I'll just do some cross training. Tomorrow is run with Matt, and Saturday will be my longest run to date - 12 miles! That ice bath is gonna feel mighty good! And I have to say that most of you cracked me up with your horror of the thought of taking an ice bath, but I'm telling you, it's worth every shiver! Here are a couple of about why an ice bath helps with the recovery after a long run.

Chafe of the week: inside upper left arm. Which is weird because I wear my iPod (iTouch, whatever) on my right arm. And I've worn the shirt before, but not for such a long run. Geez, do I need to bathe in Body Glide before I get dressed?
Again, I have no shame...

* new (old) songs are: Crocodile Rock/Elton John; Don't Go Breaking My Heart/Elton John & Kiki Dee; September/Earth, Wind & Fire; Already Gone/The Eagles.
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