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Wednesday Workout Update

Posted Aug 11 2010 12:01pm
Sunday: In order to stop feeling like a failure when I don't reach five miles, I set out to only run three this morning. Guess who was a semi-failure on that? Gah. It's just so hot...I ran around the soccer fields first, before the sun had risen above the trees, and then spent the rest of the time running on the side of the park that is mostly covered by trees and therefore, shady. It was still hard - it was 79 degrees with 82% humidity, and that is tough to slog through. By myself. I tried to conjure up several running buddies in my head, but they were all sleeping, apparently (slackers!). I also have been running way too fast - my first mile was 11:16, which is not a pace I can maintain for long in this heat. Sure enough, I took about a 30 second break at 1.5 miles, finished mile two at 11:31 pace, took another break at 2.35 miles, and finally finished mile three at 12:53. It is really hard to slow myself down unless I'm talking out loud to someone - then I have to or else I will run out of air completely. How do runners maintain a slow pace on their own? Is there some trick I haven't discovered? If so, please enlighten me!

Monday: It was the Fantastic Four - Jenny, Kathleen, Ashley and myself - I like it when it's just us in our group because we all work so well together. As usual, Brad outdid himself in coming up with our gym workout. Team Jelly had to do five minute sets of wall sits, scissor lunges and these crazy box jumps where we had to jump onto the shorter box, jump off, then jump onto the higher box (in my case step up because I can't jump that high), jump/step off, and reverse. We could tag each other out when we fatigued, although it wasn't easy going from a wall sit to a box jump and vice-versa. Then we did some more sets, although these were sets of 100 total - everything targeted the legs. After that, cardio with Linda - we did a countdown workout, where we started having to hit 100 calories on a machine (I had treadmill), then do 100 squats, then 75 calories (elliptical), then 75 butterfly sit ups (since I'm not doing those due to my still sore tailbone I got to do 150 regular Swiss ball crunches). Our time was up by then, so we never made it down to 25...but I bet I know what we're doing on Wednesday!

Tuesday: I'd like to say that I got up and ran, but I cannot tell a lie. I'm working full-time this week, Monday through Saturday (well, Saturday is only four hours). What can I say - vacation payback is a b*tch! As you can probably tell by my lack of comments on y'all's blogs, I haven't had time for anything, so I chose to read some blogs instead of doing a short run before work today. Next week I will be back to a more normal schedule, and Jenny and I will be running for sure!

Wednesday: Back.on.Friday.
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