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Wednesday Workout Update - 'Work With It' Edition

Posted Feb 08 2012 6:00am
Well, running club did not go as planned, because we had severe storms roll in Friday evening, along with two tornadoes just outside of town!  Jeff and I were sitting at our local hamburger place, where we had just finished splitting a burger (and had plans to get some frozen yogurt next) when the tornado warning came on the television.  Decided we'd better book it home (just a five minute drive), which was a good thing, as the torrential rains caused flooding all over!  After a few hours of rain and some hail, it eased up a bit so we went in the front yard (along with most of our neighbors) to check out our drainage area, which is normally a nice grassy play area.  It was flooded, and spilling out onto the street - I've never seen it this bad! 
Friday night - brave neighbor, going barefoot in the flood waters (I worry about creatures like snakes being them so I wore my rain boots)
Tuesday afternoon - this is what it normally looks like! Paco may be afraid of thunder, but floodwater?  FUN!  This side of the street was covered from curb to curb - good thing we didn't want to go anywhere!
The town was flooding all over, so running club was called off - but this being Texas, our weather is so extreme that it stopped raining and most places dried out enough that Jeff and I were able to go out for a run on Saturday afternoon!  We went to the scary statue park but stayed in the roadway, as the trails were covered with mud, silt and still had some pretty good puddles.  On the schedule for Saturday was a 2 miler,  which I did using 3 minute walk/1.5 minute run intervals.  Pretty easy considering we've been walk/running around 3.5 miles, but I wanted to do what we would have done with the club.  I give this run a big thumbs up! Paco, doing his whole body lean onto me, as usual...
This week has been a bit off, and I've realized that I just have to work with it, because no matter what I plan, things are going weird.  It started with Saturday morning's run being cancelled (so I worked with it to go in the afternoon), then on Monday, the temperature was below my 40 degree comfort cut-off for the pool - but I went anyway.  Got there and noticed that the water level was way down - my pool buddy Nancy swam up to me and said "it's really cold" - oh, great.  Not sure why so much water was missing, but they were adding more, with a nice cold hose...which was two lanes over from where I swam - and also?  The heaters weren't on!  I knew I wouldn't last too long, and I couldn't stand the thought of getting my face and head wet, so I worked with it by just doing kickboarding - 50 lengths.  Better than nothing, right?
On Tuesday, Jenny wasn't able to meet me for our run, and while I wasn't relishing the idea of running by myself, I planned on going out after I got my hair cut.  Then I got a reminder email about the track workout that night, and while I don't plan on doing many of them (because I'm trying to limit my running to just 3 days a week), this worked out perfectly to get my run in with I went.  And I got another opportunity to work with it, as the track was closed (soccer game was being played), so we ended up going for a little run instead!  Good thing I decided to be flexible, right?
Today is another swimming workout, and I sure hope the pool is filled AND warm.  But if it's not, I'll work with it, one way or another.
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