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Wednesday Workout Update - Sweat Monster Edition

Posted Apr 28 2010 9:56am
Every week I post my Wednesday Workout Update, and every week I get comments along the lines of "you're so inspiring" and "I'm tired just reading about what you do" and "I could never do what you do" and I just wanted to take a moment and tell you a couple things.

First, I do not feel like an inspiration. There are many, many mornings when the alarm goes off and I don't want to get out of bed, much less get dressed and go workout. I have to bargain with myself like you wouldn't believe - tops on the list is that I can go back to bed when the workout is over (rarely have I done this, but I like knowing the option is there). I'm tired! These workouts are hard. I'm even more tired when I'm done! Sometimes I have a post-workout burst of energy, but a lot of the time I'm just plain beat, and my muscles are sore! It's all I can do to get in the shower - and sometimes that doesn't even happen for a couple of hours.

I also want to tell you that my form is not perfect, not even close. My squats could be deeper, my push ups lower, my kettlebell swings higher. There is always someone in my group who is faster than me. There are definitely people in my group who are more coordinated than me. There is a lot of room for improvement, believe me. But you know what? I know all of this, and I still go. And workout, and most of the time I give it, if not 100%, then pretty darn close. For this formerly obese couch potato, that's a lot. And I'm proud of that, and that's why I write about these workouts - to remind myself of all that I am doing, and to let you know that if someone who used to look like this can workout, well, anyone can. So don't read this and think "I could never do that" - read it and try. Because really, that's all that I'm doing. OK, on with the update
Monday: We did a Tabata Forever in cardio, which means that instead of doing 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by ten seconds of rest eight times, we did it for SIXTEEN times. Yowza yowza yowza. Forever, indeed. I was on the rower for that one. Then we did a long set - I was on the stepper, and finally I got to play on the spinner bike - have I mentioned how much I like that thing? Yes? It really is fun.

In the gym, we did Fight Gone Bad - one minute sets were we build on our reps. I have to say, I was enjoying seeing my arm muscles while I was doing the barbell curls - for a change, the mirror was really motivating to me. It was good to focus on something positive, like the muscles that I have built up, as opposed to my - nope...not going to mention anything bad. It's all about the positive today. Oh...we had a visitor in the gym on Monday - the Sweat Monster!
This is what happens when you flop on the floor after Fight Gone Bad! I think this is me... ...and this is Kathleen - ooh, scary sweat monsters!!!

Tuesday: I went for a run. Why should this be significant? Um...the fact that I actually DID IT, considering everything (including me - ok, mostly me) that conspired to make it so I couldn't run. Those items would include
  • Jenny telling me on Monday that she had a commitment on Tuesday and couldn't run with me (strike one)
  • Putting the cats out for the night so I could sleep in (strike two)
  • Moving my clock radio (is this an old-school term - am I allowed to still call it that?) to where I couldn't see it (just a lower place on my nightstand), thereby eliminating both "light pollution" and stopping me from seeing what time it was when I woke up at night (happens often - gotta love 40-something hormones), which also got rid of the "I should get up" feeling (strike three)
  • Weather - we were in the midst of a thunderstorm when I went to sleep (strike four)
I woke up at 8:51 am - and yes, it felt great to get that much sleep - opened the back door to let two starving kitties inside and hello, it was cool and dry. Hmmm. I could go running. Better read the newspaper first - sent Paco out the front door to retrieve it (he's such a helpful dog!). Cup of coffee sounds good. OK, paper read...I could go running, but I better check in on my bloggy peeps. Ooh, MizFit has a follow up to her No Excuses! post. Oh. She's listed and debunked exercise excuses . Well, fine - I get the hint, universe! I suited up, grabbed my iTouch and ear buds and started running down my street - ear buds kept falling out of my ears (I must have the smallest ear canals known to man, or at least headphone makers). It finally occurred to me that my iTouch has a speaker, so I ditched the ear buds and turned up the volume - hey, that worked! It was quite a good distraction, plus I could still hear the cars around me, which seemed like a win, safety-wise.

I ran a 3.5K - that sounds better than 2.17 miles, doesn't it? LOL. Hey - I'm just glad I ran. Next time, though, I might eat a little something beforehand - I was doing great and then all of a sudden died, energy-wise. Probably due to the twelve-plus hour fast from the night before, wouldn't you say?

Wednesday: Linda had us doing a team workout outside - we had to do a certain number of reps per exercise as a team, so say for jump rope, we needed to do 500. I did 100 and moved on to box jumps, where I did 50 (I didn't think I was tense, but my hands cramped up while doing these so I guess I was), then Jeri and I flipped a ginormous tire 20 times, then I did 35 tricep dips, a bunch of kettlebell swings, 25 push ups, and interspersed sprints throughout. By the way, I am not a sprinter. I can sprint toward the finish line, but to do it again, and again? They were jogs, not sprints, by the end!

We did a bunch of isolation exercises in the gym - let me just say that I know exactly where my hip flexors are now! Ouch, ouch, burn...but now I'm done - yay!

Edited to add this picture...doing this exercise is when I found my hip flexors!
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