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Wednesday Workout Update, Plus Thorlo Experia Crew Socks Review

Posted Nov 13 2013 6:00am
I'm back in the running game, baby!  Well, sort of back.  I'm able to run, but I've lost a lot of ground with my hamstring layoff, which is too bad considering we're at the high mileage end of our training.  I'm still being very cautious, because my hamstring is not completely healed...but I felt OK for about 6 miles on Saturday.  Unfortunately, I ran 7, so that last mile was a bit of a struggle, but it wasn't just my hammy that was starting to left foot and right ankle were squawking as well.  Not surprising considering I'm jumping up my mileage quite a bit, but the big race is in less than a month, so I have to get some running time on these legs.

Our running club had 11 miles on the schedule, so Amy and I ran together for the first 5.5, then I headed back toward the park while she continued on.  I have to say that when my Garmin chimed, signaling another mile, I glanced at it and couldn't believe we were already at mile was one of those easy, chatty runs that I've missed and am so happy to be back doing.  We got to witness an incredibly beautiful pink sunrise, heard howling in a distant field (we weren't sure which option was better - coyotes or a pack of dogs - thankfully we came across neither), and got a "woohoo!" from a passing motorist - it was a memorable run, that's for sure!  I was pretty sore afterward, and gave myself a full-body heating pad treatment by turning on my heated mattress pad to HIGH and laying on the bed (OK, and took a nap), but by the next day I was feeling pretty good (except for the spot where my hamstring attaches to my glute - that continues to ache).  All in all, I can't complain!


Longtime readers may remember when I first discovered Thorlo Experia socks - they've been my go-to, absolute favorite running sock for years now.  I love the cushioned pads on the balls and heels, I love the snug fit across the top of the foot, and I love all the fun colors that they come in...I've pretty much bought a rainbow of socks over the last few years.  These things aren't cheap, but they seem to be indestructible, as I'm still wearing the first pair of socks that I bought (which was close to four years ago).  So considering my love of Experia, you can imagine how thrilled I was recently to get an email from Thorlo, offering to send me a pair of new Experia Crew socks for review - my favorite socks, for free?  Yes, please!
Longtime readers might also remember when I used to do my Fashion Friday shoots at this spot, and Paco would always jump in the picture when the camera timer went off.  I was pleased to discover that he hasn't lost his touch for perfect timing! The backs are snazzy...
The socks arrived and, um...they're a little dorky.  I mean, the colors are really sharp - I love the black and white and hot pink combo, but they are BLACK CREW SOCKS.  I put them on and felt like a tourist on vacation, only instead of wearing them with sandals, I was wearing my running shoes.  I know it's not all about looks, and they feel fantastic, but honestly, I can't see myself wearing them in public.  On a really (dark and) cold morning, sure...they'd bridge most of the gap between my ankles and the bottom edge of my running capris and keep my legs warm, or I could wear them with my full-leg running tights - they'd blend in better.  But for me, I'll stick with my micro-mini crew (ankle) Experias .  Oh, and just to be sure I wasn't being silly about these, I asked Jeff if he'd wear them...he said maybe with boots, but not to run in.  So it's not just me - or else Jeff has lived with me for so long that my fashion taste has rubbed off onto him!

Thanks, Thorlo, for sending me the socks to review.  I still love your regular Experias, but I probably won't be wearing the crew socks in public.

FTC disclosure:  I was sent a pair of socks for free to review.  Opinions expressed are (quite obviously) all mine.
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