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Wednesday Workout Update - I am TIRED!

Posted May 09 2012 6:00am
I am tired, and I really don't know why...yes, I've run a lot of days, but not a lot of miles, really.  I ran about 9.5 miles last week, and this week, starting with Sunday's race, I've already run a little over 7 miles.  Like I said, not really a lot of miles, but I ran three days in a row, so maybe that's it.  My quads are tired, and until I ran yesterday morning, my ankle wasn't an issue, but it kinda started hurting more than it has been, so I guess it's a good thing today is a rest day.  Tomorrow, I lost my mind and agreed to run with both Erica and Jenny - separately.  My calendar says
  • 5:45 am - run with Erica
  • 7:45 am - run with Jenny
  • 9:00 am - die (or at least take a nap)
What can I say, I'm a social runner!  Given the opportunity to run with someone, I'm going to take it...I never know when my next lonely run will be, so I choose to be with other runners whenever possible.  Anyway, since a post about how tired I am is boring, I thought I'd include some pictures of my mom that I took when she was here last month - we went for a walk and run (well, me) around the scary statue park one day, and after we were done with our speedwork (seriously, you should see my mom walk - for a short person, she is insanely fast), we took a leisurely walk and I made her pose with the statues - and how much fun is it that she was game?
Revolutionary war soldier - I kept thinking the statue seemed short, until I got some perspective... ;)
Texas soldier - this is the statue that startles me just about every time I run around the corner. That's right, my mom was making friends with Texas! The World War II airman modeled after the first President Bush.  Mom is trying to figure out what he's looking at. Korean war soldiers on guard while Mom stands at ease.
There was one more statue, but it was on a granite rock and I couldn't convince my mom to climb up so I could take her picture with it.  Next time...
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