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Wednesday Workout Update, and Why I am Lame (No, It's Not From the Workout!)

Posted Nov 25 2009 11:35am
On the workout front, I have to say that this was a killer's like Brad knew we would all be overindulging on Thursday and wanted us to "pre-burn" those calories! Um, thanks?

Monday in the gym was tough - we were supposed to do a three-minute set at certain stations - and the twist (there's always a twist with Brad - he likes to keep us guessing) was that for each set, one name would be drawn and that person had to go the entire three minutes without stopping - and IF (when, really) they stopped, the clock would stop and wouldn't restart until that person did. So of course he let me draw first, and I drew my own name - lucky me! I had ring pull ups, which are really tough and there was no way I could go three minute with out taking a rest or three. Finally made it through that one, and because I had been "up" I got to pick the next name - Jenny. Next, I was on the push up station - 10 at an incline and 10 regular...I actually like doing these, because I can see how far I've come since I started (last February I could barely eek out five pushups from the knees). Anyway, when we were done, she got to draw, and somehow picked me - ugh!

So it was all on me again, and of course I took a break - hate having to do that, because it just prolongs the workout for everyone, but it is what it is. Next draw - Jenny. So far, Ashley has escaped being the twist. Wouldn't you know that the next draw was me AGAIN?!? Unbelievable! Looking back, I really should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket with the kind of "luck" I was having on Monday! I was so glad when we were finally arms were literally shaking as I drove home!

Tuesday afternoon, there was an ominous list posted on the white board - things like "turkey - burpees" "stuffing - mountain climbers" "pumpkin pie - squats" ...and yes, it was as bad as you could imagine! Between the cardio room and the gym, we pre-burned our Thanksgiving day meal - one rep equaled one calorie. Can you believe there were more push ups?!? In the last three days I have done over 250 push ups and have the limp noodle arms to prove it!

What made the workout extra hard for me, mentally, was knowing on Tuesday that we would be doing the same thing on Wednesday morning - in fact, midway through the workout this morning I told Brad that it felt like Groundhog Day! At least he let me build on Tuesday's totals, so at the end of the workout today I had pre-burned 1,700 calories. Now I don't know if I actually did burn 1,700 calories (seems a little high to me, even though it was two intense workouts) but I'm going with it.

One nice thing is that I am not feeling the extreme soreness in my legs this week - I think a combination of really good stretching plus a little less focus on just the lower body (we were definitely in full-body mode this week) has helped, and for that I am grateful!

And now, the "Why I'm Lame" part of this post. See my left sidebar? Scroll down and you'll see the pretty awards that have been given to me. I am a complete lame-o because things have gotten away from me and while I've thanked the giver on their blog when they gave me the award, I have not thanked them here, nor passed them on to anyone else. Which is a huge part of the fun! I'm still going to be a lame-o and not pass them on - shoot, just trying to find all the rules to cut and paste in here would take up most of my nap time afternoon! And I'm actually trying to not spend every single minute online - kinda defeats the whole "living life" part of this blog. But please know that I do appreciate the awards and am as thrilled today when I see my blog singled out for one as I was the first time I received one. Much thanks and gratitude to Helen, Sunny, the Orange & Black Kittehs, Jo, Bonnie, Tammy, Amy H., Michelle, Hollie, Dana, Gigi and Kelly! Love you all!
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