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Wednesday Workout Update - And Garmin Advice Needed, Por Favor!

Posted Jun 02 2010 8:16am
Once again, I missed my Monday workout due to being in Denton. But life is back to normal now, and I don't have any more out-of-town trips planned until late July (California, here I come!), so I will be back to my regular workout routine.

Monday: None, unless you count grocery shopping and running up and down the stairs in my son's apartment several times. I forgot what a workout stairs are - our first house was a two-story, and while I wouldn't want to go back to living with stairs, I have to admit that they do keep you moving (unless you are like I used to be, and just piled stuff at the bottom of the stairs for the next trip up)!

Tuesday: Cue the trumpets! Jenny and I ran, without stopping, for - are you ready for this? FOUR MILES!!! Woooooohoooooo!!! We set out to run four miles and we did it!!! I am so amazed and proud of how far she and I have come with our running - I have the perfect partner in Jenny and am so glad that she likes to run with me! And, she's smart, too - Jenny had the great idea to run in one direction until my Nike+ showed that we had hit two miles and then turn around and run back the exact same way. Easy to know when we were at four miles - we were in the parking lot where we left our cars! Although we decided that we would start timing ourselves at the bottom of the hill next time - that little climb at the end of the run was a bit tough!

We met for our run at 7:30 am to try and get ahead of the heat - it wasn't bad, but got up to 80 degrees by the time we were finished. Afterward, we went to Smoothie King for a post-run smoothie, which was quite delicious. Jenny even treated me in honor of my upcoming birthday! Next week, we may try meeting there, leaving one car in the parking lot, driving the other car to the park, and then running to Smoothie King - why yes, I do run for treats!

We did the run in 48:55, with a pace of 12:13 - we were going for a nice slow run. I've read that sometimes you need to run for mileage and sometimes for speed, so it makes sense for us to go for mileage when we run together - this way we can encourage each other along the way, plus it's just more interesting to have someone to chat with. Doing four miles was a good step toward the half marathon in November, and also toward my goal for Biz's 101 Days of Summer Challenge , which is to run eight miles without stopping by Labor Day.

Wednesday: Who gets up on their birthday and goes for a workout? Me, that's who! Yes folks, I dragged my now 47-year-old body to the gym for what proved to be a tough one. We were working our upper body using weights "to burnout" - that is, do a particular exercise until your muscles are burning/screaming/you can't do one more, rest for 15 seconds, and then do it again. I was on my second exercise and got a sharp headache over my right eye - so bad that I stopped what I was doing and tried to regroup. I broke out into a cold sweat and felt sick to my stomach - it hurt that bad. I told Brad how I was feeling and he said that most likely I was holding my breath while doing these intense exercises and that caused the headache. Which makes sense, because it happened last week in the gym, too - while I was doing those negative leg presses. I cooled off in front of a fan and then went back to my workout, being much more aware of breathing out with exertion. The headache has mostly subsided now, an hour later - whew!

As it is National Running Day , Jenny and I dragged ourselves went out for a short run after our workout - now that is dedication, right? We ran around the block for about a mile...and what does it say when the run was the easiest part of my workout day?

OK, now I need some Garmin Forerunner advice from you runner peeps. I've been using my Nike+ since what - January? It works ok, but I think I'm ready for a Garmin, especially with the training for my half marathon coming up. I asked for money for my birthday this year so I could put it toward a Garmin, and I think I've got enough - woohoo! I was all set to get the new 110 , which is a smaller, simpler version, but now I'm wondering if I'll regret not having more of the bells and whistles on the older , clunkier Garmins. Any and all advice on this would be much appreciated.

As today is my 47th birthday (How can I be 47? I feel like I'm 17!), dinner out and of course a trip to Red Mango is on the menu for tonight. Plus I have some nifty gifties to open - thanks, Mom and Dad! Should be a good day!
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