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Wednesday Weigh In: The Power of Stateless Dieting

Posted Jan 23 2013 7:12am

The scale surprised me this morning. I’m down a pound since the Wednesday Weigh in before Italy !

I must admit I’m a bit shocked, but when I really sit down and think about it, makes total sense.

Not because I ate more while walking my butt off, although I’m sure that didn’t hurt, but because when I came home I slipped right back into my healthy eating lifestyle.

I firmly believe it’s not the vacation that sabotages you, it’s the mindset that you are no longer “on plan” when you get back because you “ruined” your diet. It’s this feeling of guilt that perpetrates poor choices when you get home. It’s the lack of understanding that diets are stateless. Everything I ate in Italy was on plan in my mind. I didn’t come home with any feelings of regret, guilt, shame or disgust with myself.

That is the power of Stateless Dieting. I wrote about this concept almost 5 years ago (Holy CRAP!) and I still believe it’s one of the big milestones to overcome the diet mentality and break yo-you diet cycles (Click here to read my original post.)

Anyway, your turn. How was your week? How’s the DietBet going? We have 7 days left! I’m not sure I’m going to make my goal (I have 3.9 lbs to go) but I’m having fun trying!

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