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Weakness. Choose to Learn From It!

Posted Feb 10 2012 1:43pm
Funny how I post a progress blog and then a weakness blog.. Hey! I'm human! It happens to everyone ! It's those weak moments that make you strong, if you let them. I choose to let it make me strong and learn from it.

Today was kickboxing class. Holy freaking moly. Some serious cardio and kicking going on in there today! While I was doing the frog hop/planks I kept thinking about how I felt yesterday in that fitting room and that gave me some extra "UMPH" to get it done!! Those were hard! Another LOVE/HATE exercise.

45 min -- 878 cal burn per HRM ! 

Couple NSVs today...

I am wearing a new shirt that I bought last week from BootBarn *it's a $54 shirt that I got for $14 with my rewards points! Freaking love rewards!!* Anyways, I bought it without trying it on and IT FITS!

I TUCKED MY SHIRT IN! Ummmm, I haven't tucked a shirt in since.... I have no idea. YEARS ago!!!

I replaced that belt that was WAY.TOO.BIG. *the belt that before I began my journey didn't fit me anymore*

New Top, New belt, New jeans

Check out the space between that belt and me!

Ohhhh yes! That belt that was once too small is HISTORY!

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