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Waterproof Running Shoes Found!

Posted Apr 01 2011 1:54pm

I have been using the Saucony Progrid Razor trail running shoes for about 2 weeks now and they are by far the most comfortable running shoe I have ever jogged in.  I have a full review HERE of the Razor's.  Today was the last gasp of winter as about 4 inches of snow came down in the Boston area.  This was the first time I've had the opportunity to test these shoes out in these kind of conditions.  They were some of the worst type of roads to run in, slush, puddles, completely unshoveled sidewalks, etc.  While they were the worst type of road conditions to run in, they were the best type to really test these out in.
Kurtis Lort
"Your life consists of looking forward to running in puddles.  Congrats, you've never advanced mentally past 1st grade."

These shoes have a very unique way of putting them on.  They have the standard laces that you don't tie, you use a little pully thing to tighten them (Go to my full review HERE for pictures of this).  It feels like an inner shoe.  Then you zip up the outer shell of the shoe and velcro the top.  While I am fairly lazy and hate that I can't just slip these on and off like every other type of shoe I wear, I felt that as a result of the comfort level of the shoe it was worth it.  Now I can say without a doubt that these are nearly completely waterproof.  I ran directly through some puddles that I thought weren't as deep as they were and not a drop of water got through.  Also, anyone that has ever run and hit a puddle that is shallow but the splash hits your other shoe and you get that "Oh great, I just felt the weight of the water, wait 5 seconds, and expect my feet to be drenched." feeling can relate.  Well, I felt the weight of the water from the splash, but absolutely no water went through.  I am now a fan of the Saucony Razors for life!  While they may not always be my main running shoe, I will always have a pair of these and when the conditions are wet, I will definitely be putting them on.  These are truly the first ever waterproof running shoes that I have ever found that work as promised.  If there was just a way to cut down on the weight of these things and make them slip-onable they would be perfect.  However, I'm sure a lighter weight would equate to less cushioning, which would make them not as comfortable.

One of my goals when we first started this blog journey was to find for everyone waterproof running shoes and as we know, I've had many failures in achieving that goal.  I can check this off the list of proud accomplishments that I have achieved. 

Running in wet weather isn't for everyone!  When weather conditions are bad, it can be a miserable running experience.  Also, it can be much more dangerous.  If you do insist on running when it is raining, make sure to wear reflective clothing and always assume that a car doesn't see you.  In the North East US we are heading into perfect spring weather now, so we'll have many interesting topics to discuss about "perfect weather" running.  As we know, in the NE US April-May and September-October are the best times of the year to run.

Tip O' The Day:

Athlete's foot is a common runner's problem.  Make sure to always have some athletes' foot spray the moment you feel some extra itching down there.  Also, make sure to use it for as long as directed, because if you stop after you initially stop feeling the itching, it'll come back like a woman scorned...far angrier and nastier than before.
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