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Water, water and more water

Posted by Mary Ann P.

I'm making an effort to drink more water this week. I measured eight ounces into a glass so I'd know that I was getting the correct amount.

My new rule is that I drink a full eight ounces of water before I eat anything. I've been doing it for three days now and I can tell that it's really helping me not to snack when I walk through the kitchen.

I'll keep you posted on how it works out for me as far as weight loss goes. I will say that you can't stray far from a bathroom with this plan.

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Ah yes, the bathroom breaks....  I started increasing my water intake at work (great especially b/c I have unlimited filtered water available) and the bathroom breaks get me out of my seat, whether I want to or not, lol.  So in turn that helps keep circulation going in my legs.  I have found it's helped with my appetite also, however I haven't tried drinking before the meal.  I'll be giving that a shot.   Great tip! :)
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