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Watching TV Makes You Thin! No, Really.

Posted Mar 17 2008 2:07pm 4 Comments

TLC has announced “I Can Make You Thin,” a new reality series that will follow British weight-loss guru Paul McKenna as he takes his health techniques stateside.

Paul McKenna

From Reality TV World (my go to source for the “real” news):

I Can Make You Thin will showcase McKenna’s “4 Golden Rules” — simple and accessible techniques that McKenna claims will show viewers “how to control the mind’s relationship with food” and shed pounds without leaving their couches.

“This is not a diet, ” explained McKenna. “It’s about changing your life using simple psychological techniques which transform people’s relationship with food forever. I am thrilled to bring this successful program to America for the first time.”

It’s obvious to me that Paul McKenna has achieved the status of Master Jedi Knight. How else to explain his advanced mind control skills? But why is he wasting his time with the woes of lazy people who think they can lose weight without putting forth any effort? If I were him, I’d use the force of the Dark Side to become President of the Universe.

Reality TV World also reported:

In addition, I Can Make You Thin will also include a live studio audience, field segments, scientific research, and at-home strategies. “Paul is a pioneer in the field of weight-loss, challenging and exercising the mind’s relationship with food,” said TLC programming executive Brant Pinvidic. “Finally, American viewers will learn why the TV might be the most important weight-loss tool ever.”

I’d like to see this “scientific research.” Something tells me it entails Unicorn tears and rainbows. Likewise, after programming executive Brant Pinvidic made that asinine comment about the tv being the most important weight-loss tool ever, TLC made a public announcement saying they’re in the process of developing a new show called “I Can Make You Want to Hit Brant Pinvidic With a 2×4.” Set your DVR’s!

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I saw a preview for this show and just rolled my eyes. Why are so many people spending so much time, money, and effort looking for a solution to weight loss? I don't get it.... the answer is a combination of exercise and eating healthy. Making a lifestyle change will improve your health and waist line.

No pain, no gain.

I just visited this show's page on the TLC website, and there's a link to McKenna's website. On there, there's details of a technique to help "switch off emotional hunger," called the "Tapping Technique."

Check this out.

To me, it just sounds like a really complicated distraction.

A distraction is what someone who is craving food out of emotion needs in most cases, I think. I myself have been there plenty of times. But there's easier ways to get your mind off of food. And sometimes the emotional eating problem may be bigger than a person can handle on his or her own, requiring support from someone they can trust.

Although, some of the other techniques he introduces actually involve positive thinking, which is obviously a good thing.

Has any Wellsphere member seen the show?


So so true. I was watching television the other night when I came across a commercial for the show, and like you, I just rolled my eyes.


I have no doubts that McKenna and his people have "some" scientific research that explains how his tapping method works, but IMO it's just smoke and mirrors.......with a little bit of a placebo effect. Hey if it works for them, great. But I can almost guarantee that said individual will NOT succeed long-term.

There are a lot of overweight people out there looking for a quick fix so I'm sure the ratings will be great. That's what it's all about. Ratings. If everyone would face the reality of a healthy diet and exercise and a 1-2 lb per week weight loss there would be no weight related reality television. As far as the show goes, I think a pack of gum would work just as well.
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