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Watch out for snack calories

Posted by Swati S.

A good way to ensure your diet is helping you out is to make a list of things you normally nibble on, and find out how many calories are you actually consuming through them. We may eat the right stuff at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it is the things we eat in between that really act as spoilsport. For example, I did some research to find out the calories in the stuff that I normally do take a little bit of because it is just too tempting. Here's my list: 1 potato chip: 40 calories A spoon of icing: 80 calories 1 fried spring roll: 104 I used to think, ?but I just had one - -.? The sad thing is what we normally nibble on is the fat-heavy and sugar-laden stuff that piles on the calories. So, be careful!
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