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Watch My Bump Grow!

Posted Mar 12 2010 10:07pm

Hi Gang! Happy Friday!!!

Thank you all so very, very much for the wonderful comments and notes on yesterday's big announcement. I can tell you that my family and I are thrilled! The girls are already practicing with their baby dolls, and they like to "talk" to the baby. It's all so cute.

This is my first born, about 3 weeks old. Can't believe I'm gonna have another one of these!

What do you think of the new title for the blog? It's temporary, of course. Thanks to the Blog Fairy for creating yet another great banner! Once the baby is here, we'll be back to the butt shrinking, I promise.

I've known about the baby for a few weeks now, but I was just waiting for my doctor's appointment before I made it "official". I'm so glad I can talk about it now - I was running out of things to post, lol!

As of this week I am 7 weeks along, and the baby's due the last week of October. I'm feeling pretty good, but I'm exhausted! I'm ready for bed around 5PM most nights, but somehow make it until the girls go to sleep. I've been queasy too, especially in the afternoon or when I go too long without eating.

Speaking of eating - well, I've been struggling with that. The day I found out I was pregnant I immediately stopped the South Beach Diet . I started adding carbs and fruit back into my diet, and increased my calories.

And I gained 7 pounds. Blech.

It's been tough. I'm queasy if I don't eat often, but I'm definitely eating too much. Most of the food I eat is good quality, at least - lots of whole grains, lean protein, nuts, fruit and dairy. Very little sugar. I've cut out diet sodas all together, and drink only water (and the occasional glass of 1% milk).

My portions are just wacked out. But, I'm getting better. I've been steady at 215.6 for the past week, so I'm hoping I can stay at this weight for the rest of my first trimester.

My doctor is great, and has given me the number to a dietitian so I can get some help with my eating. I really, really want to make sure I don't gain too much this time around. I'll be sure to share the information I get with all of you - I'm sure it will be beneficial for non-preggo's, too.

As for the blog - well, I'm still trying to live a healthy life, so I'll still be posting regularly. I'm going to start using SparkPeople again (I haven't been tracking lately - bad Jenn, bad Jenn!), and I'll still be looking for great products, recipes and books to review.

I hope you all will stay with me through this little detour in my journey - it's gonna be fun, I promise!

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