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want to lose weight. but im broke and only have my treadmill.

Posted by Kayaluah

I just recently started on the 90/30 treadmill exercise which basically consists of walking at a 3.5 pace for 90 seconds then running at a 6.0 pace for 30 seconds for 10 cycles. and then upping that with every couple days, and im also trying to eat healthy. Only thing is I dont have the money to join a gym and work on strength training or anything. Will I still be able to lose weight by doing this? and how long do you think it would take if I do this 5 days a week?
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You can lose weight by doing this but I'm not sure that is what you really want. When you do cardiovascular exercise exclusively, the weight loss is typically a mixture of muscle and fat. That is not good because it will eventually lower your metabolism. The key is to preserve muscle and drop body fat. The best way to do this is resistance training mixed with cardio. The resistance training will give your body a reason to hold on to your muscle. What you don't use you lose. Add in 20-30 minutes of interval training (which you are already doing). Do a body weight circuit in your home if you don't have access to weights. Squats, dips, pushups, mountain climbers, etc... are all great exercises to start with. Also, order a set of resistance bands. It will run around $60 but they are worth it. I train many of my clients with them. - get the max tension system. I hope this helps.
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