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Walking/Step Challenge Begins and still time...

Posted Apr 12 2010 6:38am
Well today is the day our challenge begins. I have quite a few signed up and I'm excited. I've had my pedometer on since Thursday and I can really see how many steps I haven't been taking. My weight loss began with walking and wearing a pedometer so getting back to my old basic is like coming home for me.

I actually found a excel spreadsheet I kept back then and I was averaging about 7000-8000 steps a day at 340+ lbs so there is definitely room for improvement now. My average for Thur-Sun was only 6775 so that's kind of pitiful if you think about it lol. It really made me realize how much I can work on improving myself. My goal for this challenge is to reach 10000 steps a day and stay at that amount the rest of my life. That sounds like a big self challenge to say "the rest of my life" but I really think it's what can make the difference of me staying at my goal weight.

Now I've decided since we have a "at least 5 days a week rule" I will let people join the challenge up through the end of tomorrow since I know I don't always post everyday so some don't get around to my blog everyday. I figure the more the merrier.

Ok to recap the challenge ( original challenge post ):

1. Challenge runs for 8 weeks (April 12th-June 7th)
2. Wear a pedometer everyday and track your steps.
3. Keep a chart with your daily steps and your weekly averages.
4. Post here or email me ( ) your weekly average by midnight Monday (I had previously said Sunday at midnight but I think you need at least a day to figure out your weeks average and get it to me).
5. Can't miss wearing your pedometer more than 2 days in a week or that week's average doesn't count.
6. Prize of $25 to the person who improves the most on the amount of steps walked in 8 weeks (example: 1st week average 3700, 8th week average 8900, 5200 average improvement).
7. Weekly rankings will be posted Tuesdays.

So onto who's in:
F. Mcbutter Pants
Wright Family Fun

Ok now I went through linking you all so I sure hope I got everyone right lol. Sandra I wasn't sure if you actually wanted to do the challenge or not but I did add you.

I have to tell you all I'm very excited about our challenge. I know this is going to get us all moving more. I also read some blogs and know some of you already wear pedometers or step trackers so it will hopefully be an extra boost for you guys.

I know for myself even just wearing it the past 4 days I've been more aware of when I'm more sedentary. I found that at work I'm a lump lol. I'm lucky to get 1500-2000 steps between 7am-5pm. That was a pretty big eye opener for me since I thought with losing all this weight I had become a lot more active. So my plan is to try to improve my at work steps daily because I do think spreading out activity is as important as eating frequent meals, just helps to boost the metabolism more.

Good luck to everyone and I'll do my best to give each of you my support on a regular basis. Some of you are new to me and it will be fun getting to know you better.

Here's to a great day/week of stepping!!!!

Ok now onto my usual rambling lol. Today is Kevin's (my nephew) 18th Birthday. It's really hard to believe he's that old. He came to us when he was 11. To think he turns into an adult today. I asked him this morning did he feel any different and he said not really lol. I think though when he graduates high school next month it will sink in for him. Tonight we'll take him out to dinner. Last night I made 5 layer bars that he asked for and we put candles on it and sang Happy Birthday to him. I still can't hardly believe it *smile*.

I feel like I've gotten a ton accomplished in the past week while Mike's mom (M) has been here. I will confess though I've been grouchier than usual but I think that wasn't as much her visit as it was TTOM (I always think of Jack when I type that now lol). Though I know when she visits it does seem Mike and I bicker more often which isn't the norm.

Anyway, Thursday M and I went shopping and I bought a bunch of new clothes. It was a lot of fun and I realized that I've been wearing a size bigger because I was afraid of trying to stuff all the extra in lol. But I broke down and bought size 12 jeans. I must admit after wearing loose pants all my life it was interesting wearing confining clothes all day. By the time I got home I was sooo ready to change clothes lol.

Friday I went and bought paint and Saturday we painted our diningroom. I've been wanting to do that for AGES now. You won't believe it but it kind of looks pink lol. The color was called sashay sand and I had seen it on Marie's daycare lady's walls and loved it. Hopefully it's going to grow on me. Like M said we can always repaint it in a few years. Doubtful though since it was the previous mess for the whole 12 yrs we've been in the house lol. I'm not much on change can you tell?

I got a haircut Saturday. Really it doesn't look much different than it did before. I keep telling myself I want a change but then never seem to change it. I'm thinking I might not mind going back to curly hair or at least wavy. I'm still thinking it over. M and I got our nails done and got pedicures. Felt nice to be pampered.

I did some gardening yesterday. Really just leave racking, weed pulling and bush trimming but the yard looks so much better. I still have the front flower beds to do and need to get some mulch and annuals but it definitely looks nicer.

I got in several walks/jogs but haven't been to the gym since Thursday. I won't be going tonight either I don't think but hopefully Tuesday I'll get there. I think my body needs a break from the weight training anyway. I've had a bit of a stitch in my lower stomach/side that needed a rest. Hopefully it will feel all better by Tuesday. I have to really remember what exercises hurt my stomach and not do them. I think I'm sorting out what does and doesn't.

Marie started soccer this week so I think on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will start walking around the school she practices at to get in more steps on those days. Those are usually my gym days too so I'm sure I'll get in a lot of steps on those days since I'm already averaging about 9500.

Mike drove his mom up to meet her step daughter this morning so it's back to normal tonight. Though I enjoyed her visit I'll confess I'm ready to have things back to normal. I really think I just need a few days of rest. This coming weekend I don't plan on doing anything. Oh, yea Kevin has prom on Saturday so guess we'll be preparing for that but otherwise nothing planned.

Well better get to work. The boss man is out sick today so I'm slacking a bit I'll confess lol. Man was that a LONG post or what? lol

My mind is a sieve lol I wanted to thank Carla for her sweet shout out about my last post and tell her that I sure hope she wasn't embarrassed because I would never want our first meeting to bring her any bad feelings. Love your blog and you woman *smile* *big hugs*.

Till tomorrow...
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