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Walking Is Good Too

Posted Jun 12 2010 8:06am

I’ve been having a problem with my hip the last couple of weeks and running is out of the question. My hip will start to feel better after a day or two, but any running, even a couple of blocks, the pain comes back.

So instead of running, and in an attempt to keep my endurance at some level, I’ve been walking. For a couple of months now, I walk hills with a friend on weekend mornings, and a couple of weeks ago, I started walking with my daughter after work.

I love running. Never thought I’d be writing that. But I do. And in past months, where I’ve gone walking instead of running, I’ve found it a little frustrating because I want to run. Lately though, because it’s all I can do, I’m starting to appreciate it again.

I started out walking. And I liked it then. Then I started running and walking seemed like it wasn’t as effective. And it took longer to go the same distance.  But walking again now, I’m noticing things in the neighborhood: pretty gardens, summer smells, chirping birds, how green the trees are. One of the reasons I love running is because I love being outside. Walking gets me outside too, and for a longer time.

When I’m running, I listen to music and generally focus on running. Putting one foot in front of the other to get to the end of my course.

Walking has let me take in my surroundings a little more. And I enjoy the conversation that comes with it, with my friend and my daughter, and even with myself when walking alone (not out loud of course because that would just be weird). Sometimes I even shut off the music! I NEVER do that running.

Hopefully, when I visit the doctor next week, whatever is going on with my hip will be minor, like my other injuries this year, and I’ll be able to start running again soon, in time for my next race.

But I think I’ll keep walking too. I’m finding that it’s good exercise for my mind. I feel centered and focused after a walk. I love the time I’m spending with my kid. I know that walking is a good fat-burning exercise. And hey, on my new scale this morning, I’m down two pounds. And that’s a step in the right direction.

What alternative exercises do you do when you can’t do the ones you really want?

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