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Walk Your Way to a Better Body

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you're ready to get fit without the fuss and hassle, try this easy walking routine: Every day for four weeks, you should spend 25 minutes walking. It's simple: a three-minute stretching warmup, 20 minutes of power walking, and two minutes to cool down. It's also great to do it in the morning, before you eat breakfast, since exercising on an empty stomach is better for your metabolic rate. In fact, if your body is full of food, insulin levels spike up, preventing you from burning any fat. It's also important to find the right pace: not so slow that you hit a plateau, and not so fast that you injure yourself or get sore. It's best to start out a bit slow, then work your way up to a steady and powerful stride as you build more strength. Be sure to set out with proper walking shoes and drink lots of water before you leave. You'll see the difference in four weeks. Good luck!
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