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Posted by Jean H.

I will be coming to Wheaton Il on June 7th, to do a 2 mile walkathon at the Lisle Community Park 1825 Short St, Lisle Il. It's for Crohns&Colitis, if you wish to join me and other friends who would like to get out for your first walk a thon of the year or your first walkathon ever, this is a great time to try it out. They are fun :) go to and sign up with our team Renew Ink of Door County or look for Jean Hollander. Hope to see all of you there, bring your dogs, kids, spouses or anyone who would like to share a wonderful day outside in a most beautiful enviornment. C U ;) O.J.

P.S. You can contact me at for more information.

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I am so happy to see this! I commited to doing 1 5k or any walk really each month april - october. I have been looking for something in June. This is perfect!
Are you going to be in Lisle? Do you live near by? Well, if you do hope to see you there!! :)
You should join us in the Walk-A-Thon Community. We'd love to hear about your walk-a-thon involvement.

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