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Posted May 12 2011 2:33pm

I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

I’ve been reading this all over the blog universe and decided to give it a whirl.

Oh yeah, It’s “What I Ate Wednesday” time!


Except it’s Thursday. I’m aware of this. But on this beautiful Thursday, I’m going to give you a recap of what I ate on Wednesday, hence the title “What I Ate Wednesday”. Got it? Good. Let’s roll.

Breakfast was green …again.

Never gets old!

Green Dough Boy Oats , this time topped with several blobs of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, coconut flakes, and walnuts. Yum Yum. My jar of Justin’s is almost empty. Time to fork over 9.99 for another one. It’s an expensive addiction, but at least it’s a healthy one.

Mid-morning snackage:

My passenger

A Raw Crunch bar on the road. Normally, the dough boy oats keep my belly satisfied until lunch, but I was hungry today. So I munched on a Goji Berry Raw Crunch Bar. “No Artificial Nothin’”, says so right on the label. These bars are heavenly. Have you tried them? (Hint Hint: You *may* have a chance to try them in the not so distant future.)

Crunchin' in the Mom van

Lunch was a salad that included a new-to-me ingredient:

Tastin' Tempeh

Tempeh! I’ve walked by this so many times in the grocery store and decided to grab a box and give it a whirl. It is very easy to cook. Just toss it in a skillet and cook to your desired crispness:

fakin' bacon

I put it on top of a glorious mound of spinach, spring greens, carrots, cukes, tomatoes, red peppers, hummus, a side of Lemon Tahini Sauce (leftover from my Shawarmas ), and a drizzle of homemade honey mustard dressing. The verdict? I’m not sure. I love the TASTE of the Tempeh, but I’m not so sure about the texture. I might have to give it another chance to know for sure.

I love pretty salads that barely fit on my plate :)

My afternoon snack was a plate full of blueberries. Sometimes, I just keep it simple. Plus, they went really well with my plate:

Where's the bloob?

Can you find the blueberries? It’s like the plate was MADE for blueberries. Yes, it’s a tad bit OCD, but fun nonetheless. And a great teaching moment for Carter. See…I’m always thinking…

AND…I made some Amazeballs a la The Fitnessista.  I’ve made these a few times before, but it’s been awhile. I forgot how much I LOVE these.

Ball love

And onto dinner.

My goal for dinner was to use up as many veggies as possible. I have the tendency to overshop a bit when it comes to produce. I guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to veggies. Not a bad problem to have, I suppose. My intentions are always good – I truly do mean to use them all, but something inevitably gets tossed. Not this week! :)

Stir fry! As I like to say, “When you have veggies that rock, pull out your wok!” Stir-fries are fabulous because there are no rules. Throw it all in. Make it colorful. Add different textures. Stir the pot wok and be a stir-fry rebel.

Our stir-fry started with some chicken sauteed in coconut oil, followed by some crisp red pepper strips.

A Hubs-friendly meal must include chicken

Then I added brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas, zucchini, and yellow squash.

If the wok is a rockin...

I let that cook for a few minutes and added my sauce. I mixed equal parts peanut flour, low sodium soy sauce, and water until well-combined, and then poured that in.

Check out those veggies

Cooked it a little longer and that was it!

Dinner is served

Beautiful, colorful stir-fry!  Full plate, healthy meal, happy belly, and empty veggie drawer. :)

Up close and personal

Then, tonight, dessert happened. This is what happens when you mix peanut flour, almond milk, cocoa powder, and honey together:

Double dipping is encouraged

A much healthier “Nutella-like” dip. My apples were happy to take the plunge.

Reader Feedback:

What’s your favorite thing that YOU ate on Wednesday?

What is your favorite thing that I ate on Wednesday?

Until tomorrow,


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