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Volumetrics Diet: A Diet Experts Approve Of

Posted by Heather J.

The editors of Consumer Reports recently named The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan by Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., as the most effective diet book on the market. The Volumetrics plan encourages us to fill up on high energy density foods such as fruits and vegetables while limiting low-density foots such as sweets, butter, and alcohol. Diets low in energy density reduce energy (aka caloric) intake of subjects, and hence increase weight loss. A Volumetrics diet allows for meals heavy on the vegetables, fruit, and high-fluid, high-fiber fare; thus, we eat what appears to be more food, and makes us feel full, but with fewer calories than high-fat, high-simple-carb meals. Visit the Volumetrics website,, for more info on how you can eat more for less.
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