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Vitamin V

Posted Nov 02 2012 12:25pm

The average American takes 14 days of vacation per year.

The average European takes 4-6 weeks.

I honestly believe we should try and create a life that we don’t need to escape from. But no matter what you do, we must feed our adventurous spirit and change our surroundings from time to time. Check out the following video for some inspiration on the matter 

I just arrived in St. John’s after a full day of travel yesterday. I headed to Toronto first for 4 hours just avoiding hurricane Sandy, then to Halifax and finally St. John’s where 27 years and 26 days ago I was born at the now non-existent Grace hospital just up from the  harbour front.

It’s a long haul from Calgary to St. John’s, but a trip I don’t mind making. This is the longest stretch I’ve had since returning home. A total of 2 years but I’ve been around and seen my parents in the meantime. This year by the end of December I would have taken a total of 7 weeks vacation. On top of all that this is the first year in 5 since I started personal training that I’ve worked less Saturdays.

Overall I got to say it makes a huge difference. As much as I love my job and what I do it’s necessary to my well being.

Its tough the first few days you leave. You can’t get work and people off your mind. Once your in the “vacation mode” your perspective changes and after some self reflection you’re back in the game or “zone” as some call it when you return to your life.

It’s a common fallacy that we get caught up in one idea influenced by our surroundings. Whether that be becoming the best in sales, getting a promotion, impressing your boss, or so on. But really what got you their in the first place? Who are you? What do you really care about deep down? What is your purpose?

It’s hard to find these things at home. Away perspectives change.

Done one journey? Start booking another. This is one vitamin a lot of us are deficient in. 

Don’t have enough vacation time to take more than 2 weeks a year? Where there’s a will there’s a way.


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