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Visualization – “See” the Pounds Drop Off!

Posted Feb 03 2010 2:44pm

As Featured On EzineArticles

  Visualization for weight loss is an effective technique to effect the way your mind sees your body. It works on a subconscious level. Through visualizing the way you desire to be, it becomes quite easy to experience weight loss success.

It is so easy to become discouraged and even a little daunting to lose weight. Often, there is little support from family and friends. I believe that this happens because it forces them to look at themselves if they see you enjoy your success. Visualization is a quick and easy way to spend time alone with your thoughts and really see in your mind’s eye how you desire to look.

Visualization should be taken seriously, as it is the strongest technique available to literally see the change we desire to be!

Even Psychologists don’t understand how visualization works, but I believe its simply a matter of energy on a cellular level. We can affect these cells with our thoughts. Therefore we can paint a very clear and concise vision of how we want to look. The key is that you must also use your imagination to experience how it feels to be at your desired weight.

You will become unstoppable if you practice visualizing every morning when you awake and before you retire for bed in the evening. Again, really see in your mind’s eye, the new you.  

 Have a photo or images of how you desire to look within view. You will be pleasantly surprised!

When visualizing, be sure to use statements that begin with, “ I AM ” ( I am fit, I am healthy) Speak in present terms as though you have already reached your goal. Enjoy this journey. You deserve it!


  Every cell in your body is awaiting your next instructions…what are you telling yours?

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