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Valentine’s Day Wishes – The Valentine Only You Can Give!

Posted Jun 03 2009 6:21pm

Valentine’s Day is centered on sweethearts, candy, flowers, love and all things that make us feel warm and happy. However, when we are struggling with our weight, body image and self-worth, there are times this holiday makes those issues take center stage. This can manifest itself by over-indulging on chocolate, throwing our eating plans out the window and even trigger a binging episode. Not quite what we dreamed of when thinking of love, hearts, flowers and Valentine wishes READ MORE...

There is one special Valentine that only YOU can Give! It is the gift of realization and possibility, hope and faith.

When we realize that we may not be where we want to be or have the things we want to have on Valentine’s Day, it is natural and understandable that we may be surrounded with feelings of loneliness, sadness and/or hurt. We can acknowledge those feelings but we need to learn an appropriate response to them.

Over-eating and binging are NOT appropriate ways to deal with our emotions. Those behaviors only hurt us and stand in the way of achieving our weight loss goals. They stop us from achieving a healthy lifestyle and keep us from being the best we can be.
Let’s look at some ways to appropriately deal with these feelings.

Loneliness – Reach out to friends online, call your family, host a Valentine Party, step out of your comfort zone and do something completely different. Go to a museum, an art gallery, go see a play, visit a winery, go to a dance, sing karaoke, go to the bookstore, walk around the lake or join a bicycling club. Broaden your horizons and your circle of friends and drive loneliness away.

Sadness – Go to a movie or rent a video and consider inviting some people to enjoy it with you. A comedy, an action movie or a suspense thriller should chase sadness away. You may also elect to donate some time to a worthy charity like helping at the homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, the American Red Cross or United Way. Somehow seeing others less fortunate helps bring our lives into perspective. Volunteering not only helps others but also has a way of uplifting our spirit and providing us with feelings of self-worth and pride; it is a gift worth more than gold.

So, gently hold your heart in your hand and learn how to be kind to yourself. Allow your mind to feel the emotions that are present but learn to respond to them in a constructive way. Get your nails done, buy a new outfit or participate in a new activity! Celebrate your victory in handing your emotions in a positive manner!

Let this Valentine’s Day serve as the beginning point for a year-long adventure to Dream, Believe and Achieve your goals! This is the Valentine that only YOU can give to yourself! Very Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

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