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Using Psychology to Lose Weight Means Looking for the Psychological Reasons You Weigh Too Much

Posted Dec 15 2012 7:21am

Yes, you’re overweight. Yes, you definitely eat too much food. Yes, you eat too many calorie rich foods. Yes, you are having trouble losing your unwanted weight. All of this is true. But what’s your back-story? What psychologically—yes, you heard right—what psychologically has put you in this position?

“Loving food” is no answer. Try to think psychologically about what motivates you to eat the way you do and keep the weight on.

Here are some examples of psychological explanations.

•    Food and eating and weight are what hold me together
•    I’ve felt deprived my entire life
•    I hate feeling less than
•    I was never enough for my father
•    My marriage sucks so there’s no love, only food
•    I’ve always been self-destructive and eating is no different for me

Get the idea?

Often there is more than one psychological explanation for weight problems in women. See if you can find at least two psychological reasons for why you eat too much and weigh too much.

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