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Using Psychology to Lose Weight and Not Maintain Your Weight

Posted Oct 05 2013 10:48am
by Maria's Last Diet

Maintaining certain patterns of behavior is something that is common, not only for patterns of eating and weight gain, but also for all the rest of how we function in our daily lives. Once established, these patterns of behavior seem to run themselves.

What can you say about a pattern of eating behavior that is weight gaining and overweight maintaining? Is a person who eats too much food or eats too many calorie-rich foods living something out? If you are an overweight woman, have you ever thought about your weight this way? Many women are psychologically minded liked this. For instance, a woman might say she eats foods that were forbidden for her to eat as a child. This is a common pattern that is lived out: doing something as an adult that you were restricted from doing when you were a child. Another common example is a woman for whom looks were everything when she was a child. As an adult, she gains a lot of weight and is then constantly urged by her family to lose weight to regain her looks. What is she living out? Is she trying to disappoint her family because she felt too guilty to disappoint them as a child?

There are lots of ways that someone can live out an emotional pattern through her eating and weight gaining behavior. There is, for instance, the pattern of identifying with others in the ways they manage their feelings. If a parent managed her feelings through overeating or by consuming fattening food, the child might manage her feelings the same way. In fact, there might even have been parental approval and encouragement for this kind of feeling management. It is pretty commonplace when a child, especially a young child, is upset and carrying on, to think or indeed say, “Give her something to shut her up.” Give her the pacifier or the binky or the bottle or a cookie. Food has been used like this forever and ever.

If you have been overeating, gaining weight, and maintaining that weight, can you be psychologically minded and see what it is you are living out? You might already know the answer and have been unable to do something about changing this pattern. If so, look further and see what else you might be living out. Often these patterns of living out what you went through earlier in life are more complicated and have more than one or two strands to pick up on and sort through.


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