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Using Food for Something other than Fuel? like as a Reward or for Comfort?

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:58pm
So you have been successful in losing weight! Now it is time to celebrate. Go out and eat all of the things you have missed over the months and enjoy! NOT! If that is your mode of operation than you still have a lot of work to do = )

Today's Incident:
I hear it all of the time and each time I shake my head. There is something inherently wrong with rewarding weight loss with food. Actually there is something wrong with rewarding anything with food. Food is not a reward. Food is fuel that keeps your body running efficiently and supplying you the energy to do what you need to do. So, if you, like many of my clients, still haven't turned figured out that you need to seek comfort in other things beside food, maybe now is your chance to start working on it?
I don't want you to think that I don't or haven't struggled with any of these things myself - because I have. But I watched my actions and decided to turn them around since they were not working for me. My guess is - they are not working for you either.
I used to look to food for comfort (not necessarily a reward - but it is all the same, really). I would eat bad things when I was disappointed. There was a period in my life that disappointment knocked on a regular basis. I found myself shoveling bad foods in my mouth on a regular basis and, yes, I gained weight. In response to the weight gain, I stopped the binging only to resume the bad habit when the next disappointment came.
I put a stop to it only after I realized what I was doing. I forcefully turned the bad habit around and sought comfort in something else (something constructive). I thought of things I like to do and replaced food with doing something else that "gave me joy" and did it for myself. Since then when I find that I am disappointed - I quickly turn it into something positive that has nothing to do with food or binging . The thought of food or eating junk never crosses my mind. I completely turned the bad habit around.
Most of the issues people struggle with are simply bad habits that need to be turned around. So my challenge for you is to watch your behavior and pick a destructive habit that you want to turn around. Make a concerted effort to recognize when the bad habit is triggered. Work on it for a few incidents and replace the bad behavior with something positive - reading a book, taking a long bath, do your nails or start a blog = ).
It doesn't take long to turn a bad habit around - just some focused energy and a desire for change. You can do it!

For help with breaking bad habits I recommend:

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