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Use Psychology for Weight Loss and Turn Your Wish to Lose Unwanted Weight into a Reality

Posted Mar 26 2011 5:00am

You might be facing insurmountable weight-loss difficulties with the result being weight-loss failure, because the process of weight loss for you is based primarily on wishful thinking. If so, you are not alone in this. Many women wish they could lose unwanted weight. But it’s what you do with this wish of yours that counts.

A wish, though, isn’t just a wish. It’s almost a goal: I wish I could lose some weight. I wish I looked good. I would like to fit into my thin clothes. I wish I could feel proud of myself. I would like to have the energy I need to take me through each day. All of these wishes (desires) can be made into goals.

So now what?  You have to turn your wishful thinking into something more substantial if you want to make your wish come true, and in reality reach your weight-loss goal. This is where weight-loss psychology comes into the picture.

You’ve got to psych yourself. Psych yourself involves more than getting yourself motivated to lose weight. It is not the willpower approach. It is not either I have enough motivation or I don’t. Psych yourself means using your ingenuity to turn your wish to lose excess weight into a powerful reality.

Here is what you can do to psych yourself.

Wish: First, make a wish regarding an eating behavior of yours that you would like to change. Pick a behavior that’s been challenging for you to achieve, but one you could work on now for two weeks.

Positive Outcome: Next, think of a positive outcome for you when you realize your wish. Visualize the outcome. Think over the outcome as you visualize it and don’t be stingy on the details.

Obstacle: Also think of an obstacle standing in the way. Examples: “I get these urges and can’t stop myself.” “My willpower is low.” “I’m starved when I get home from work.” Carefully think through the personal experiences you associate with this obstacle. Then take a hard look at what you might be doing to make this obstacle so difficult for you. In this regard, be sure to check out your bad habits.

Plan: Then, make a workable plan for dealing with this obstacle, and visualize acting out the plan. Describe or name the obstacle. Describe or name your bad habit. The plan would generally go something like, When such and such is the case, then I will… For example, “When my willpower is low, I will identify and eliminate the cause (rather than eating so much or having fattening food).

Work on your wish using these psychological techniques once each day for two weeks.

Instructions like these were given to women in a research study on how to change their pattern of eating unhealthy snacks to eating healthy food snacks. The result: women who followed these instructions consumed 1125 calories less per week than did women in a control group.


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