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Posted Oct 09 2009 10:00pm
Okay - I'm back on track again.  Weight this morning was 180.4.  Not bad considering I went out for dinner last night, and yesterday afternoon I ate a small bag of chips.
After eating the chips my stomach felt TERRIBLE!  I felt like I had a big lead ball in my gut.  I need to remember that horrible, awful feeling - that will discourage me from having those anymore.

Brian did the grocery shop this weekend, so I didn't really have much of a chance to prepare what I wanted to do, and I've been a little lax in my planning stages.  It really does make a difference when things are planned.

Have to sit down and make a plan for next week.  Thanksgiving this weekend - will enjoy my meal for sure, but I will also be very, very careful about what ELSE I put in to my mouth.  Need to write things down - that will limit me for sure.

Just finished reading Skinny Bitch.  I won't follow their advice completely - could never go the entire vegan route - but some of the things they suggested makes sense.  Had a cup of coffee this morning here at work.. not feeling BAD per se... just not... normal.

Will have to flush out my system with a load of water.  That hasn't been to the level that it really should be, either, so that needs to improve.  I also have to get my ass back to the Y.  There is no reason to not be doing this!
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